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Police Repulses Lenku’s Contractors Before Demolishing Kisamis River Dykes

Police officers on Saturday repulsed a team of contractors hired by county government to demolish dykes built by Tata Chemicals to divert river water.

Armed police officers repulse contractors from accessing Kisamis seasonal river in Mosiro on Saturday.

The dykes in question were built by Tata Chemicals Magadi ltd at a cost of Sh200 million in 2017 with the aim of diverting Kisamis seasonal river from draining silt into Lake Magadi.

The company’s security manager, Geoffrey Maritim, said police apprehended the contractors in Mosiro as they headed to Kisamis seasonal river to demolish the dykes that took the multinational 8 months to build.

 “A Pick-Up vehicle carrying diesel for the excavator that belongs to A M Construction Company Ltd, Nairobi, and a trailer carrying the excavating machinery which belongs to Virks Logistics Services, Nairobi were ordered back,” said Maritim.

This tipper that was returned at security checkpoint to the company plant on Thursday, went round to Mosiro through Nairobi, Kiambu, Mai Mahiu, Duka Moja to Mosiro.

Maritim said his security detail had blocked the same contractors from accessing Mosiro through Lake Magadi route on Thursday but chose the long road through Nairobi, Kiambu, Naivasha and Duka Moja on Narok road to Mosiro.

The police are said to have cautioned the hired contractors against getting close to the dykes project without the authority from the Interior CS, Fred Matiang’i or Kajiado County Commissioner, Joshua Nkanatha.

Governor Joseph Lenku on Thursday recommended the arrest of top managers at the multinational mining company who he accused of building ‘illegal” dykes on Kisamis seasonal river to “blatantly” divert it peoples’ farms from its natural course into Lake Makadi.

A trailer carrying an excavator was also apprehended by police in Mosiro.

It now appears that as Lenku was issuing a statement recommending the arrest of Tata Chemicals senior managers, already he had sought the services of A M Construction Company to allegedly demolish the dykes.

Lenku in his statement termed “attack on my people” Tata Chemical’s action to put up the dykes without their approval.

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It is claimed the governor, while on a visit to Mosiro earlier, had claimed he had set aside Sh100 million for the destruction of a-Sh200 million investment aimed at stopping silt from getting to Lake Magadi.

Lenku and managers of the company have had protracted wars that were allegedly sparked off by delayed payment of rates in excess of Sh17 billion.

Meanwhile, County Lands CECM, Hamilton Parseina, has said the county plans to take over all water sources in Magadi Ward and put them under the management of the county.


“The company illegally tapped the stuff from the county towers without our consent, and directing large volumes to their plant in Magadi while residents are left to share the little that is shared from higher towers,” said Parseina in an interview in his office.

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