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Dispute Committees To Handle All Court-Pending Land Cases

The backlog of land cases in courts in Kajiado will now be heard by alternative dispute resolution committees, according to Lands CECM Hamilton Parseina.

Land CEM Hamilton Parseina says he is happy that there are no more new land cases in his office. PHOTO/KNU.

Parseina, who talked to journalists in Kajiado town on Friday, said the decision was reached upon by the county government and the judiciary so as to reduce the backlog of land cases that are gaining dust in the law courts.

“I am also happy to report to you now that there no more new land cases reported to our Lands office, and were are not directing our energies to the cases pending in courts,” said Parseina.

He said it is a huge achievement for the county to bring down emerging cases to zero given the fact the county had been rated as one having the largest number of cases after Lamu and Kiambu.

The county land minister said his department had been able to come up with new strategies of handling emerging and old land cases that the courts are unable to handle in real time.

[VIDEO] Hamilton Parseina, Lands CECM.

He said following a workshop that was organised by the judiciary and the county government in Amboseli late last year, they came up with new strategies of handling the backlog of cases. This is a pilot project in the country, Parseina added.

The workshop was attended by 3 high court judges, 8 magistrates, and representatives from Law Society of Kenya, Kenya Law Reform and national land adjudication office.

Parseina said the idea of formulating alternative dispute resolution on a matter touching on land was mooted during the workshop.

“We agreed that there will be a mediation centre with a secretariat that will oversee 9 other smaller resolution dispute committees from all the Kajiado Maasai sub-clans,” he said.

The small sections under the Kajiado Maasai sub-clans include; Matapato, Kisonko, Purko, Keek-Onyokie, Kaputiei, Iloodokilani, Dalalekutuk and Ildamat. The other committee will serve the people of Kajiado North, who are mostly the Kikuyu.

All the committees will be coordinated by the secretariat sitting at the mediation centre in Kajiado town, whose duty is to provide capacity building.

Parseina said the committee members will also undergo training on mediation provided by the judiciary so that they can be able to do the kind of work that can withstand the test of scrutiny.

He said they will be trained on different aspects of dispute resolution. The department is currently polishing requirements, qualification, and allowances of those who will be recruited.



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