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Oloomunyi Land Fiasco to Be Ruled On March 27 – CC Nkanatha

Oloomunyi farmers in Dalalekutuk ward are up in arms against an alleged land grabber who they claimed curved out 251acres from community land.

Members of Oloomunyi community display placards outside Kajiado county commissioner’s offices on Thursday. Photo/KNU.

More than 200 of them walked close to 35 kilometres from Oloomunyi to Kajiado town on Thursday to relay their grievances to newly posted County Commissioner, Joshua Nkanatha, in his office.

They were accompanied by Kajiado County Youth Alliance officials led by Robero Lampaso (chairman), William Sitoy (PRO), Noel Kosecha (Finance Controller) and their Organising Secretary, Raphael Kaai.

The community’s spokesman, Kadidi Kapei, told Nkanatha the land was allegedly grabbed in 1971 immediately after adjudication was done in the area and efforts by the members to reclaim it has been frustrated by various provincial administration heads.

Kadidi Kapei and Sylvia Kanai address the media in Kajiado town on March 14. Video/KNU.

“We have been to these offices from the 1990s after our fathers gave up their fights for our land, and today we demand that the community be heard and rightfully served justifiably,” said Kapei.

The land in question, Kapei said, is Plot No.102/Kajiado Central/Dalalekutuk that was designated for a school, shopping centre and a health centre for the Oloomunyi community after the 1971 adjudication.

“Mr. Commissioner, today we are here to express our disaffection with the various district commissioners, county commissioners and deputy county commissioners who have been here before you for failing to sort out our problems for all these years,” Kapai told Nkanatha.

He claimed before the county commissioner that a local chief, one other person and another who sits at Kajiado Central Land Control Board have allegedly frustrated their effort to reclaim their land.

The county commissioner, who was accompanied by the county police commander, Beatrice Gachakua, County Land Registrar, Paul Tanui and Surveyor Wycliffe Kibasu, was told one of the people who allegedly grabbed the land is a gun holder who uses it to threaten their lives.

Nkanatha pleaded with community members to allow a team of his officers and the surveyors to complete investigations on their claims until March 27 when he will rule on the matter.

The CC told the police commander to also investigate claims that one, Laila Nailole, is using his gun to torment members of the community who trespass the said land that he has allegedly fenced off.

“That person you claim is threatening you will be handled by our law enforcement officers. The head of the county police force is here and will sort out that issue immediately,” said Nkanmatha.

Lampaso said after March 27, the Oloomunyi community will no longer seek the attention of the county commissioner or the police if the matter will not have been solved and the land returned to the owners.

“Our people are tired of being taken around by various and successive provincial administrators who have served in this county from 1971. We cannot be spending years coming here to complain to people, who have no feelings,” said an angry Lampaso.



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