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Lenku Rushes To Present Nominees To County Assembly

After MCAs on Tuesday raised concern over why three top serving officials had not been vetted, Governor Joseph Lenku acted immediately.

Former Education CECM, now acting county secretary, Samuel Seki .

A source at the assembly told Kajiado News Update Online that Lenku forwarded the names of his Education CECM nominee, Jeremiah Njaro and another of his chief officer nominee, Njoroge Mwaura on Tuesday evening.

The MCAs led by Oloosirkon Ward MCA, Francis Kaesha had claimed the governor had broken the law by picking people to serve as ministers and chief officers without being vetted by the county assembly.

Lenku, when KNU contacted him through a text message, did not respond to the issues raised by the MCAs but instead went ahead to forward the names without that of Samuel Seki, who was appointed to act as county secretary.

An MCA called our newsroom today to claim that he is aware the governor forwarded two names to the assembly on Tuesday evening at 6 pm and that MCAs are waiting with bated breath to ensure they reject one of the nominees.

“We are ready to send him home because of the way he was nominated. We want to prove to him that we were equally elected like him and that we should be consulted because we are stakeholders of this government,” said the MCA who chose anonymity.

The assembly, through the powers vested on speaker Johnson Osoi, will fix a date for the two Lenku nominees to be vetted. It the MCAs will reject the said officer; the governor will be forced again to nominate another person.

There are strong indications a section of MCAs from Kajiado North have sworn to reject Lenku’s CO nominee on reasons they have not made it clear.



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