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MCAs Want Two Senior County Officials Vetted

A section of Kajiado MCAs wants Governor Joseph Lenku to forward names of two senior officials he recently appointed to be vetted by the assembly.

Kajiado MCAs in assembly on September 4, 2017. From left, Francis Kaesha, Paul Matuyia, Dickson Nkaloyo and Joshua Olowuasa.

The MCAs claimed Lenku failed to follow the law by appointing Jeremiah Njaro as Education CECM and Samuel Seki as county secretary on February 15.

Francis Kaesha (Oloosirkon), Onesmus Ngogoyo (Nominated), Daniel Naikuni (Purko), Peter Tirishe (Mosiro) and Amos Peshut (Imaroro) said on Tuesday the governor has not presented the two names to the county assembly for vetting.

Kaesha accused the governor of ‘blatantly’ breaking the law by attempting to bypass the assembly and failing to forward names of his appointees for vetting.

“We have waited for close to one month now for him to forward names of his new county education minister and the county secretary. We are lately concerned that the governor lately is also making decisions on roadsides regarding management of resources without consulting stakeholders,” claimed Kaesha.

Seki, who was appointed CS on acting capacity, was serving as education CECM, while Njaro had once before been rejected by the assembly when he sought a job as a chief officer.

But while responding to the claims, Seki said he had been vetted before taking up his first appointment as education CECM and therefore he is qualified to serve in his new capacity.

Seki served as Narok county secretary between 2014 and 2017 before returning to Kajiado to seek election as governor but Lenku negotiated with him for a position in his government if elected governor.

Our effort to get a comment from Lenku failed to materialise after he did not respond to our SMS sent to his phone.

Ngogoyo also said MCAs are waiting eagerly for a bill being prepared by the county government aimed at giving it the power to impose land rates on freehold land title holders in the county.

The county government has insisted that all landowners with land titles either on leasehold or freehold land under the proposed law will attract rates.

Finance CEC, Alais Kisota, said the only land falling under community, public utility and churches will not be taxed.

This is happening when residents of Kitengela and Ngong have already petitioned the county assembly to stop the county government from demanding land rates.

The residents claimed the county government in January sent demand notices to residents, commercial plot owners and farmers in the outskirts of town, through a private debt collector, to pay rates and land rents.

“The rates demand affects both freehold, as well as leasehold title owners and, have been backdated to 2013,” the Kitengela petition letter to county assembly says.

The residents claim the Kajiado Finance Act 2016 was imposed over the roof rates based on a valuation roll that was not consultative and by which the threshold of public participation was not met.

The petition further says; “The schedule relating to land rates in the Kajiado Finance 2016, was generally not reflecting the conditions of living for the people of Kitengela, and is grossly exaggerated with assumed values of Nairobi County in generating the rates.”

The Kitengela petition letter was signed by Peter Makauh, Jane Mukami, and Douglas Okeyo.

Petitioners from Ngong claimed in the petition to the assembly that the rates imposed by the county government are generally higher than other counties that border Nairobi, and which are even better developed than Kajiado.

Both petitioners want a waiver of the imposition of rates and penalties from 2014 to 2018, and the county assembly to ensure that rates in the 2019 Act are what were in the public participation forums.

They also want the assembly to declare that the demand letters for the rates from the county government are suspended immediately.



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