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Esupen Straight Vybez Group Denies Kicking Out Pashile

Kajiado’s finest comic group, Esupen Straight Vybez group, is said was the finest comic troupe until one member was allegedly kicked out.

Esupen Straight Vybez group founding members from left, Larry Keempua, P. K. Lelion, Lepatei Pashile and Nosim Tutuma. Photo/COURTESY.

Lepatei Pashile, one of the founding members, claims he is a bitter man after he was allegedly kicked out of the troupe on the allegation he is an ardent critic of Governor Joseph Lenku’s administration.

 “Apparently I have been blacklisted, not by credit reference bureau, but by entities associated with the county government and its assembly,” Pashile told Kajiado News Update Online on Saturday.

Pashile further claimed that in recent publicity releases by the group on Bunge Mashinani, he was not featured in any videos.

But those he is accusing of ‘kicking’ him out of the troupe; P. K. Lelion, Larry Keempua, and Nosim Tutuma, in a quick rejoinder, claimed they were equally shocked their trusted member could “lie” on social media.

“The true position is that we have never kicked him out of our group, and therefore, he is a bonafide member as we speak now,” said Keempua on the phone.

Keempua said he is clearing the air because Pashile lied to the public that the team struck a deal with county assembly on the Bunge Mashinani without involving him.

“Pashile has not been attending to our meetings after he joined KTN. He became so scarce and not being readily available, and so we cut a deal with the assembly without him,” claimed Keempua.

He, however, could not discuss or disclose the amount they were paid by the county assembly saying it is not public information.

On his part Lelion confirmed the group had made it clear to Pashile that they would not entertain political stories on their website and social pages because it would deal a blow to their business of doing comedy.

“It is clear one cannot do comedy and politics at the same time and expect to survive. Ours in purely an entertainment business, and therefore our members should clearly separate the two,” said Lelion.

But Pashile claimed; “They claimed I have grown to become an ardent critic of Lenku and his regime. It is true that I criticize positively but his followers see me as if I a hired goon to spoil for their chief as we head to another election in 2022.”

The self-proclaimed journalist says he writes opinionated pieces to inform the society and to keep the government on its toes as a member of the Fourth Estate.

“I was greatly shocked when my fellow members on the performing group that played hide and seek with me in the whole project. I was only aware that things weren’t in order when the footage was uploaded to social media pages,” said a bitter Pashile.

He further claimed that he decided to provide checks and balances on Lenku’s scorecard after all opposition MCAs started going to bed with the governor and completely reneging on their oversight role in the assembly.

Pashile, who is an intern at Kenya Television Network as a news producer and the person in charge of the station’s 4 pm MBIU, said while his criticism on the governor’s administration is based on clear facts on the ground, the assembly has decided to turn a blind eye on important issues that touch on healthcare.

“Look at Lenku’s recent televised multimillion score-card projects which he personally audited and fed to the voters in Kajiado. There is no way you can enumerate your achievements without being biased. He should have sought audit services from a private firm if he cared to be transparent,” said Pashile.

He promised to keep the fire burning on audit queries at the county government for the people to see the right numbers and proper development perspective.



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