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Lenku ‘Abandons’ DP Ruto Men’s Quest for Powerful Presidency

Executive power at the top should be shared to incorporate inclusivity in government, Governor Joseph Lenku says, as he calls for more positions.

Kajiado governor Joseph Lenku and deputy Martin Moshisho on May 22, 2018. He is supporting a less powerful presidency as opposed to DP William Ruto’s men.

Lenku, in an exclusive telephone interview with Kajiado News Update Online on Sunday, said some communities in Kenya are so marginalized and disadvantaged that they would never attain the Presidency if numbers were the only parameter for ascending to the presidency.

 “We need at least 3 extra positions at the top to enable political formations to accommodate the interests of the non-dominant communities,” said Lenku, the man identified with DP William Ruto in the latest and strongest Maa economic block combining Kajiado and Narok.

 Governors Lenku and Samuel Tunai of Narok are considered the best of friends with DP Ruto, who have been making political inroads to their two counties nearly every other week. The three have also been spotted at the DP’s residents in Karen with hordes of deluges.

 Governor Lenku made the remark on Sunday, three days after presenting his memorandum to the Uhuru-Raila 14-member Building Bridges initiative task force body on Thursday last week, through his deputy Martin Moshisho.

 Lenku said he was calling the Star to affirm his stance on the matter and also to make it clear to the Maa fraternity that he will always champion for an all-inclusivity government which will allow those viewed as “lesser” Kenyans play a role in the country’s leadership.

Governor Lenku’s view, for a man considered to be a lead player in DP Ruto’s political circles, appears to be in tandem with the take of allies of President Kenyatta and Opposition leader Raila Odinga.

 Lenku appears to be heading to an opposite direction, and at cross purpose with supporters of Deputy President Ruto, who are out to rally their numbers to support a quest for a powerful presidency.

 Lenku is perceived to be a political ally of both Kenyatta and Ruto, almost in equal measure.

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 The Governor said small communities should be protected and their dignity guarded for any healing to happen in the country.

 “We need to appreciate minority communities play a role in economic development. They deserve a place in both National and county governments,” said Lenku, who rarely call to give political statements.

 In a memorandum he presented to the Building Bridges Initiative in Kajiado town on Thursday, Lenku proposed that no county executive committee in a county should draw its membership from only one community.

 “No matter where a county is, there should be no chance that a cabinet session can be conducted in a vernacular language for lack of ethnic diversity,” he had said.

Several other leaders who spoke in Kajiado expressed concern that the future leadership of the Maa community in Kajiado is threatened by growing numbers of other communities resident in the region.

 They told the team which was chaired by Garissa Senator Yusuf Haji that those other communities resident in the region should respect the indigenous Maasai by not contesting certain leadership seats such as the positions of governor, senator, and women rep.



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