Embrace County Leaders, MP Kanchory Tells Lenku

Kajiado Central MP, Elijah Kanchory, has boldly told Governor Joseph Lenku to embrace other elected leaders and avoid personalizing their criticism.

Kajiado Central MP, Elijah Kanchory in past event.

The ODM MP claimed that in recent past, the governor has reduced himself to the lowest point of personalizing positive criticism raised by other elected leaders based on his development agenda.

“Do not go personal on elected leaders who want to know how you are governing this county with devolved resources which the people have not seen you putting them into the county’s dilapidated roads,” said Kanchory.


He said leaders are elected by people, who later file pressure on them as they want to know their development agenda.

“When leaders ask him why he has not built roads, buy drugs in county hospitals and why children are not getting bursaries, he should answer questions as asked and not to profile those asking questions as political enemies,” said Kanchory.

Kanchory spoke in Inkiwanjan village of Dalalekukut during a fundraiser for the late Bishop Joseph Mosiany’s funeral on Sunday night, when he told the governor to stop tormenting Kajiado East MP, Peris Tobiko because she has divergent political issues.

“As leaders, we follow dictation from our electorate, and when they demand answers regarding the county’s leadership and why the governor has development issues, that governor must answer the questions as asked and not to torment other leaders,” said Kanchory.

Lenku and Tobiko have not been Seeing Eye to Eye for the past three months after the latter told the governor to stop pitting her Kaputiei community against his own over the right to access sand along River Eselenkei.

The governor had banned sand harvesting along the river to allow the county assembly comes up with mining policies on the resource a move which the MP felt it was aimed at embarrassing her and her community which depends mostly on the resource.

At some point, Tobiko told Lenku she would go for his seat in 2022 if she continued disrespecting her and her people from Kajiado East.

Thereafter, Lenku pulled down the ban and ordered that several elders be picked from the Eselenkei and Kaputiei community to work out on how sand mining can be carried out without border frictions.

Kanchory told the Star on Monday that he is only appealing to Lenku to work with other leaders to achieve his development goals instead of profiling other leaders and terming them “opposition”.



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