County Wants CS Amina’s Intervention in Sajiloni School Fiasco

Kajiado News Update

Kajiado News Update

We are bold in presenting our news as we move to all Maa counties across the country.

County government now wants a Kajiado secondary principal disciplined for demonizing and hauling out of school a student losing an ‘eye’ in her sleep.

Regina Leino is mother to Purity Naserian at her home in Enkasiti near Kitengela on February 20.

Purity Naserian, 17, a physically challenged Form One student, was kicked out of Sajiloni Girls Secondary school on January 26 after the school head claimed she never gave an exemplary explanation on how she lost her artificial eye.

Naserian is now at home in their Enkasiti village, with her three other siblings, where her mother says is agonizing over her next course of action. Even getting what their children can feed on is a nightmarish adventure.

Acting County Secretary, Samuel Seki, told the Star through the phone on Sunday Naserian is now out of school, almost one month after the principal, Zipporah Gitonga, expelled her.

Seki explained that Gitonga’s action “has ruined the life of a promising young girl, whose single parent is struggling to make ends meet after she refused to refund her fees”.

“I, on behalf of the county government, am appealing to Education CS, Amina Mohammed to investigate this matter, once for all, because it is disturbing that a physically challenged student has been demonized out of school,” said Seki.

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He said the student has failed to get another school because her single parent has no other money left after paying her full fees for the first term to the school.

But Gitonga has since refused to comment on the matter, only promising to revisit the matter after the school resumes from half term vacation from Monday.

Gitonga on Wednesday, last week, warned the Star against publishing the story and what transpired in her school, saying; “Go ahead and publish your rubbish without my comment”.

Trouble started at the school when Naserian woke up from her bed in the morning of Friday, January 25, and went to report about the loss of her artificial eye to her matron, who later relayed the same to Principal Gitonga.

Gitonga is said to have summoned Naserian to her office and asked her what could have led to the loss of her artificial eye and explanation appeared to have enraged the principal thus forcing her to summon the student’s mother.

Regina Leino, the mother of Naserian, arrived at the school the same day and was issued with three foolscaps of paper by the principal to give to give to her daughter to explain how her artificial left eye went missing in her sleep.

Gitonga she could not confirm or deny the allegations heaped on her through the phone, adding that the school is on half-term recess and will only consider inviting this reporter when she is back and when time allows.

Naserian claimed the principal abused her before her mother and even referred her to a fool for failing to account for her artificial eye.

“She first asked me in front of our school bursar and my mother in Kiswahili  that – ‘Kwani wewe ni mjinga, umewahi kufa ukapigwa na shock alafu ukafufuka’ (Whether I am a fool, and whether I had died one day before I was put back to life through electric shock?)”

“I told her it had never happened to me, and immediately ordered us to leave school and return on February 2. When I arrived at the school with my mother, we went to the bursar who explained to me that I had spoiled the name of the school by claiming my eye had been stolen,” said Naserian.

The bursar allegedly told her in front of her mother that she should look for another school because of her stay there will not be guaranteed.

Leino claimed the principal told her she will not take back her daughter to the school until she explains fully how she lost her ‘eye’.

“I told her to refund back our Sh22, 365 she had deposited to the school’s account but she said it cannot be refunded. I suggested to her that there is another orphan at the same school who I want my money transferred to her account and she agreed to the arrangement,” said Leino.

Kajiado Central Sub County Education Officer, Selesio Molinge, confirmed he has started an investigation on the matter touching on the Form One student and how the principal handled the issue.

“I am also in possession of the principal’s report explaining the circumstances Naserian lost her artificial eye. This is a sensitive matter which I have instructed our quality assurance officer to initiate the investigation on the alleged injustices against the physically challenged student,” said Molinge.

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