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Kajiado North MCAs ‘Threatens’ Lenku’s Political Future

Kajiado North MCAs are spoiling for a political fight with Governor Joseph Lenku over what they claimed his “insensitivity” over their “pressing” issues.

In a memorandum they claimed they sent to Lenku, the MCAs under the leadership of Oloolua MCA, Martin Njogu, claimed the governor has been “ducking” them for the last two weeks.

“We the MCA’s of Kajiado North met today on Monday in the constituency and below find our resolutions,” the memorandum read in part.

Issues they raised

1. The appointment of Oloolaiser Water MD was not done in good faith and we will fight to the last man standing.

2. We felt short-changed in the latest appointment of Revenue Director where no-one from Kajiado North was considered and these we are treating it as tribal and being very biased towards one region.

3. The latest appointment in water boards in the National Government proves point number 2 as true to our feelings.

4. No flagship project was given to Kajiado North.

5. Water from the SGR tunnel deviated and our people of Kajiado North are suffering for not having sufficient water and those left, it’s not enough as water levels are going down.

6. Our people are discriminated when it comes to employment in the county and very few given opportunities compared to other constituencies.

9. Land rates are asked as penalties from 2014 by a private firm from our people without consultation and public participation.

“Our effort to reach out to the governor so he can speak to the above-raised issues has been an uphill task to us MCAs, and today we have decided to send them to you so you can know it was a serious matter,” the memo to the governor said.

The chairman, Kimemia, said; “I have called several times and now that this meeting is not forthcoming, we won’t need it for now”.



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