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Lenku Shakes Cabinet, Unveils Major Changes

Governor Joseph Lenku reshuffled his cabinet on Thursday night in a move that saw him drop some of his close allies from key positions.

Former County Agriculture Minister Moses Ole Narok.

Among his major campaigners, who he had rewarded them with plum positions in Agriculture, Treasury and County secretary positions are victims in the latest changes.

Agriculture CEC member, Moses ole Narok, was dropped from the cabinet and replaced by Trade CEC, Jackeline Koin.

Treasury CEC member, Michael Semera, who stood by the governor prior to the last general election and a professional banker, was moved to Water Docket.

Semera was replaced by youthful and former Public Service CEC, Alais Kisota. Kisota is Lenku’s blue-eyed-boy and comes from his political backyard in Loitokitok.

Francis Sakuda, the most schooled Lenku’s county secretary, was dropped from his Docket and moved to Public Service.

Sakuda is from Kajiado West Sub County and he is known to have vigorously campaigned for Lenku among the Keek-Onyokie community members.

Governor Lenku picked a new CEC in the name of Jeremiah ole Njaro and gave him education docket that was being held by Samuel Seki. Seki is now the new acting county secretary.

Seki, who hails from the Dalalekutuk community in Kajiado Central Sub County, was picked by Lenku from Narok County government where he served as county secretary for governor Samuel Tunai.

Initially, Seki was run for the position of Kajiado County governor in the last election but was prevailed upon by Lenku who had promised him a ‘higher’ seat.

As the last general elections approached, Lenku instead of picking Seki as his running mate opted for another person from the same Dalalekutuk community, Martin Moshisho.


Lenku preferred Moshisho because of his age factor (youth) and instead promised Seki another position in his government.

In the new changes effected on Thursday night, Lenku transferred Florence Waiganjo from Water department to Trade and Tourism and assigned Ole Narok to be his personal political advisor.

Narok’s network was tripling that of Lenku when he was picked for Agriculture docket and those close to him claim he used ‘a lot’ of his money to fund Lenku’s campaign.

Insiders with Lenku’s government said on Friday Narok will continue earning his full salary that is equivalent to that of CECM.

The insider also claimed Sakuda was not demoted but was given more responsibilities in the Public Service which has more budget money than being a county secretary.

Governor Lenku, however, retained Esther Somoire (Health), Hamilton Parseina (Lands), Alvin Kimani (Sports) and Alex Kilowua (Roads) in the new changes.

Some chief officers were also reshuffled by Lenku and among them are; Njoroge Mwaura who replaced Benson Leyian from governor’s delivery unit.

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Moses Murunya was moved from Lands to agriculture, while Leakey Rintei moved to Tourism.

Tima Sankaire was moved to lands as Samson Parashina went to Education. Governor Lenku appointed a new chief officer, Richard Parseina, to take over the Cooperative Development position.

Parseina served in the former governor David Nkedianye regime as Lands Minister.

As supporters of Lenku praised him for “re-aligning” his cabinet, Kajiado politician Sankok Teeka said he is a worried person that the governor is now looking for ways “shortchange” the residents.

“Why has he taken away that position of Semera and handed over to a greenhorn in financial issues. I am already smelling a rat in that new cabinet because our money will never be safe again,” said Teeka on the phone.

He went on; “Let him use the professionals available in the county to serve the people in the areas they specialised in. Semera is a qualified banker and he could have been dropped because of the Kajiado East factor.”

He declined what he meant by the “Kajiado East factor” but instead said the people of the county should read the signs on the wall as they focus on the coming general election in 2022.



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