Uhuru Entrusts Katoo to End EAPCC, County Hostilities

Kajiado News Update

Kajiado News Update

We are bold in presenting our news as we move to all Maa counties across the country.

Today, we will exclusively attempt to break even what transpired inside State House during a leaders’ meeting this week at State House.with President Uhuru Kenyatta.

President Uhuru Kenyatta meets Kajiado leaders at State House – PSCU

The visit to the State House by Kajiado leaders, unlike other previous ones, was obviously informal in nature.

The idea of the visit came about when Nominated MCA, Onesmus Ngogoyo, approached President Kenyatta with four other MCAs at Olooltepes Picnic Site as they severed roasted goat meat and told him; “We are so broke Mr. President, we want to come to State House to have tea.”

Ngogoyo, amid the President’s uncontrollable laughter, went on to tell him that “things are so elephant, your Excellency after you closed all the corruption loopholes. Indeed, we are broke.”

Kenyatta told Ngogoyo to visit him at State House the following day along with the other 4 MCAs.

When the MCAs were preparing to visit State House, word came around that plans had changed and, that the President had requested all other elected leaders to visit him in Nairobi.

All these unfolded when President Kenyatta was coming back to the country last week from Arusha, Tanzania.

He came back through Namanga border by road, and he was received by Deputy President William Ruto and other local leaders led by Governor Joseph Lenku.

Former Kajiado Senator Peter Mositet Speaks.

The President also used the occasion to inspect a road project undertaken by the State along the Isinya/Kiserian Road.

At the famous Olooltepes Picnic Site, the President’s entourage settled for some bit of tete a tete and a sumptuous lunch of goat meat eating.

When the invitation was made for the leaders to visit State House, former governor David Nkedianye was also present along with former Kajiado Senator, Peter Mositet.

On the day of the visit, Kajiado North MP Joseph Manje hired two buses to ferry his supporters to State House. State House officials were said to have acted negatively about the number of people the MP had gone with to the State House.

There were also several leaders, not elected, including Nkedianye at the gate of State House, and when the crowds became rowdy security officials requested a list of elected leaders.

Governor Lenku is said to have been asked to hurriedly come out with the list which later turned out had missed out on Kajiado East MP, Peris Tobiko and her Central counterpart, Kanchory Memusi.

Nkedianye was also not included in the list but because he was at the gate and was spotted by State House officials and recognized as Kajiado’s former governor, he was whisked in.

Kajiado South MP, Katoo ole Metito, prior to State House visit, is said to have called MP Tobiko to inform her of the meeting but that she sent him with her apologies “because she was engaged with her people in the grassroots.”

On his part, Memusi denied he was locked out of State House meeting and claimed he sent President Kenyatta a text message saying; “I could not attend the leaders’ meeting because Lenku did not include my name in the list of 20 people.”

Inside State House

When the President called the meeting to order, Governor Lenku stood up and introduced all the leaders present and went to elaborate on some of the pressing issues they wanted the Head of State to hear.

Lenku went straight to the point and complained about delays in compensation of damages caused by wild animals, and which has gone for several years without the Kenya Wildlife Service acting at.

He also talked about several teething issues the county government has with such investors like the East African Portland Cement Company and the Tata Chemicals Magadi Ltd.

The governor also talked about the many people who supported his presidential bid in 2017 and are currently jobless.

He suggested the name of former governor Nkedianye and another politician Julius Ntayia as people who should be considered for State Jobs.

Uhuru Kenyatta

When the President stood up to respond, insiders said he remained candid and focused on the said issues but made it clear his resolve to heal the country and to bring on board all Kenyans regardless of their political inclination.

It is reported that the President did not openly reject what Lenku said but expounded further that he should get 3 people from all the five constituencies to be given consideration for state jobs.

On the EAPCC issue raised earlier by Lenku, the Presidents is said to have looked at ole Metito and told him; “Hon. Metito, can you look into that issue of Kibini and ensure that you unite all the warring parties? Ensure the matter is settled amicably”.

President Kenyatta’s trust in MP Metito in playing a key role in handling a matter that has pitted the governor against MP Tobiko could have surprised many of the leaders in the meeting.

Metito is currently the most senior most elected leader serving in parliament and a person who believes in quality leadership.

Kenyatta told Kajiado leadership led by Lenku to protect “our investors and to improve their working environment”.

He said Tata Chemicals Magadi Ltd is one of the oldest investors in the country, and therefore should be supported and enabled to meet their targets, which will also translate to vibrant corporate social responsibility for the people living around them.

The president offered to personally mediate in the ongoing wrangles between the county and Tata Chemicals.

Barely four days after the President took upon himself to unite the two sides on the matter, Rift Valley Regional Coordinator, Mongo Chimwanga, was in Magadi on Thursday on a fact-finding mission.

During the period, Kajiado County Commissioner, David Kipkemei, the man who tormented MP Peris Tobiko over the Kibini’s EAPCC’s fiasco, was transferred to Office of the President.

Kipkemei was negatively mentioned in the County/Tata Chemicals saga after he ordered the arrest of Titus Naikuni and other senior officials of the company following the destruction of county structures in Magadi town.

Naikuni is not an employee of Tata Chemicals, and how his name came to fore in the matter is yet to be understood. Interior CS, Fred Matiang’i is said to have transferred Kipkemei after realising that the county commissioner had compromised his position and taken sides on sensitive political issues.

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