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County Minister Koin Revolutionises Tourism, Attracts More Tourists

Kajiado is revolutionizing tourism by encouraging tourists to live among the communities so they can have a feel of their rich traditional customs.

Ellie Iwamoto is being escorted by her bride maids in Ildamat on February 8.

Trade, Culture, Tourism, and Wildlife CECM Jacklin Koin says her department has gone flat out to advertise Kajiado as an ideal cultural tourism destination for local and foreign tourists.

Koin made the remark in Ildamat Ward during a Maasai traditional wedding for a celebrity Japanese couple, Ellie and Hiroaki Iwamoto from Ebisu, Tokyo in Japan, visiting the county for 10 days.

The couple was taken through Maasai traditional wedding process when they arrived at the home of Patricia Ipato in Ildamat, where they were also given local names.

Hiraki Iwamoto, 34, wedded Ellie, 37, in a traditional manyata. Ellie is a celebrated hairdresser in her Ebisu town near Tokyo, while her partner is a makeup artist and photographer in the same town.

Trade CEC Member Jackline Koin Speaks.

Ellie’s net is Sh10.9 million and she chose to marry a younger husband because of their long time relation.

“We operate in the same building but do different things altogether. We love one another and even planning to do more great things to expand our business in Japan,” said Ellie, who speaks clearer English than her best half.

They will be in the country for another six days before traveling back to their country.

Ellie was given a Maasai name, Nasieku, and adopted by the Loodokisha community while her husband, Hiroaki, was given Loshuru as his Maasai name and adopted by Ilmokesen clan.

Speaking during the occasion, Koin said her department has established contacts abroad and is expecting new visitors from Boston City on May 4.

“Today we have visitors from Japan composed of a celebrity couple, who is here on honeymoon. We planned a surprise traditional wedding for the couple,” said Koin.

Koin said the couple will be advertising for the county abroad, and especially in Tokyo, where they will use their beauty palour to market Kenyan finished products made from beads.

“Our brand of tourism is culturally based and revolves around homestays and cultural experience for our local and foreign tourists,” added Koin.

The county minister said the concept is new in the county and that she will encourage guests to stay with families across the region instead of them living in five-star hotels in the city.

“The guests will interact with our people in the villages, taste their traditional food such as milk and meat,” she said, adding that the tourists will have an opportunity to visit nearby Amboseli national park.



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