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County Denies Charging Parents to Access Bursary Fund

Kajiado Education CECM, Samuel Seki, on Wednesday denied claims his officers are taking bribes from parents so as to facilitate access for bursary funds.

Kajiado Education CECM Samuel Seki.

The denial of bribe-taking comes on the heels of outbursts by parents who decided to go public on social media that officers from the county are demanding up to Sh2, 000 for them to access bursary funds for their children in secondary schools.

“As far as I am concerned, processing of bursaries involves senior officers in the county, who I doubt can stoop that low. However, we shall investigate the matter to its conclusion. I am also urging those who have been asked to pay for that service to come forward to my office and assist with information,” said Seki.

He asked the residents not to pay any money as facilitation fees for the bursary as that is against the policy of the county.

Meanwhile, A standoff between members of county assembly and the executive over how bursary is disbursed to schools has caused fears among parents in the region.

As the standoff continues, parents have resorted to selling their livestock in order to fund their children’s education after schools across the country sent their children home.

The schools are said to have complained of no-remittance of the promised county bursary funds, which are in arrears, in their accounts.

But county education minister, Samuel Seki, on Wednesday came out in defense of the executive saying the county disbursed Sh40 million in October last year to all the schools across the country.

“I have in our possession bank statements as evidence that we have no outstanding payment for the last term in 2018. We also sent our schedules for such payments to the schools through their emails,” said Seki in a telephone interview.

The minister said the money was disbursed through electronic cash transfer system to schools, a process he defended is transparent, and expected the schools to have received their payment schedule in real time.

Kaputiei North MCA, Joshua Olowuasa, on Saturday confirmed the standoff between MCAs and the executive claiming electronic fund transfer method had caused them sleepless nights from the electorate.

“That is a bad system of paying bursaries to schools. What can we, as MCAs, tell parents whose children have been sent away because the money disbursed last year have not reached schools’ accounts,” asked Olowuasa.

Olowuasa said it is either the county issues bank cheques to schools or forget about the whole business that has tampered with the education of children.

“We want those cheques to be issued through our offices so we can monitor them and ensure every parent receives his or her share from the county and not through an ambiguous system that is giving parents untold sufferings,” he said.

Seki, however, said the deal has been struck between the executive and the MCAs and the latter will be issued with cheques worth another Sh40 million on Friday, this week, for onward transmission to schools.

“What I know is that they (MCAs) have been complaining that they should also be given cheques like MPs to distribute directly to the electorate,” Seki added.

Olowuasa said other than a headache the system is giving parents it is also honourable if MCAs can also disburse money through their established offices.

“We are also honourables and by disbursing those funds through our offices, the process will also add us relevance as elected leaders,” said Olowuasa.



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