Lenku Dismisses Controller of Budget’s “Misleading” Report

Governor Joseph Lenku has reacted angrily to Controller of Budget Report which demonises his government for using zero money on development.

Governor Joseph Lenku in his Kajiado Office on January 28

The Controller of Budget report covers the period between July and September 2018 and lists Kajiado among top counties that never spent any money meant for development despite even after the national treasury released resources.

“During the period in contention, I had committed all the allocation to Kajiado County for development and was also paying contractors whose debt was inherited from the previous regime,” said Lenku on the phone.

Lenku, who exclusively talked to the Star, accused the Controller of Budget of “misguiding” Kenyans in their report he claims does not reflect what has actually been done on the ground.

“We were in the process of receiving the 2018/2019 allocation from the national treasury in the period the Controller of Budget purports to have carried out their research. We had inherited a huge bill from the previous regime in development money and payments to contractors,” said Lenku.

The governor said between September and December of that subject year, he spent Sh514 million on mega projects that are now on-going such as the construction of food markets across the county and roads.

He said the county had never spent such an amount within such a period since the start of devolution in the counties.

The governor, at the same time, claimed his critics have now flooded social media with all manner of accusations on his administration after the audit report was published.

Lenku spoke about the report four days after ODM nominated Senator Judy Pareno made a scathing attack on him and asked him to explain what the people were reading about Kajiado in the media.

The governor termed the allegations as mere “politically instigated propaganda” and asked members of the public to ignore such “rumour mongers”.

“My Government has, on the contrary, exhausted the current allocations in the development budget, and that is why you can see a lot of infrastructural development in most parts of the county” explained Lenku.

He noted that funds had been usurped in development projects ranging from rehabilitation of infrastructure in schools and hospitals as well as road networks and water projects within the county.

At the same time, the governor admitted that he was aware that a section of contractors and suppliers in those development projects were yet to be paid.

He, however, assured the residents that the erratic cash flow from the national treasury to the county will soon be rectified and all the payments will be made in due course.



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