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Brave Nyumba Kumi Team Recovers Stolen Livestock

Community policing members in Kajiado on Tuesday arrested one suspected rustler and recovered 8 stolen cows believed to have been stolen from Makueni County.

Seven out of the recovered 8 cows in the outskirts of Kajiado town on January 29 by members of Nyumba kumi initiative.

Kajiado Central Sub County police commandant, James Mitugo, confirmed the recovery of the livestock and thanked the local Nyumba Kumi members for their quick action.

“This is the way to go for our brave Nyumba Kumi Initiative members. Without their support the police would not have recovered those cows,” Mitugo said.

The members led by Julius Moiko told the police in Kajiado town, when he woke up in the morning, he saw three men herding cows around his house.

“I walked out of the house when I saw the strangers standing together in the outskirts of Kajiado town and immediately suspected the cows had been stolen from elsewhere,” said Moiko.

Moiko said he immediately informed the area assistant county commissioner who also alerted the police, who immediately acted.

He said before the police arrived he walked to the three people who identified themselves as Maasais and livestock businessmen.

But immediately they saw armed police officers approaching them, the suspected rustlers ran away as the officers pursued them.

“One of the three managed to jump over a wall into my neighbour’s house where he hid. I followed him and on seeing me, he asked whether I want to live or die. He said he has a gun and soon an armed policeman followed me and ordered him out,” said Moiko.

All the cows suspected to have been stolen were taken to Kajiado police station. The owner, Jackson Mwanzia, who identified himself as a police officer living in Ulu, Makueni County, said the livestock were stolen on Monday around 4am.

“My herdsman told me on Monday that eight cows had been stolen from my farm in Malili area of Makueni and could not be traced. I am so grateful to the members of Kajiado community policing for this big effort they have put up and recovered my cows,” said Mwanzia.

Mwanzia said the suspects initially stole 10 cows but while on the way, two of the cows could not match the speed of others and therefore were abandoned by the thieves.



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