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Commissioner Kipkemei Warns Leaders against All Forms of Incitement

Kajiado County Commissioner David Kipkemei On Monday warned elected politicians against using clanism tag to front their interests.

From left; Kajiado North DCC Tom Angele, CC david Kipkemei and Central DCC Charles Wambogo/ KNU

Speaking for the first time in reaction to events that led the arrest of Kenyewa/Poka MCA and summoning of Kajiado East MP Peris Tobiko over incitement allegations, Kipkemei claimed responsibility in the police action.

“Before I am fired for any laxity on security issues in this county, I will have ensured that anyone inciting his clan against others for their vested interests will have been arrested and charged in the court of law,” said Kipkemei.

He made the remarks during a security meeting he held at Masai Technical Training Institute with all county assistant chiefs, chiefs, assistant county commissioners and deputy county commissioners.

Kipkemei told his officers to continue preaching peace in their areas and to fight issues of clanism that has bedeviled Kajiado Maasai people for many generations on end.

“It is shameful for an elected leader fronting her interests to go and paralyze operations of a state corporation in the name of fighting for the rights of her people. There is no question of the clan in the East African Portland Cement Issue in Kibini but an issue of delayed pay for retrenched Kenyan workers,” Kipkemei added.

He said the government has already made arrangement to pay those who have been retrenched and the politicians are attempting to make mileage out of it while they are in the know the issue is being handled by the government.

“Let me warn them here today that the law will be used on anyone despite their position in the society to protect the interests on many. We will come for you whether you are elected or whatever position you hold,” said Kipkemei.

Kipkemei told the chiefs to work closely with the elected leaders in the county to be able to understand them for purposes of tranquility and to avoid taking stance on issues that pit different communities against each other.

He said it is wrong for elected leaders to tag their supporters on clan matters every time issues pop up instead of talking to the right people in government.

“You have access to ministers, the governor and even the head of state, but for you to whip the support of those who you claim are your clansmen and move on to disrupt other businesses in the name of championing their interests is tantamount to breaking the law,” warned the CC.

On the rampant felling of trees, Kipkemei told the chiefs to report all such cases to the police.

He said he has ordered all the chiefs and their assistants to file a comprehensive report on how many children failed to proceed with their education from the beginning of the year for reasons that touch on early marriage issues, female genital mutilation or lack of fees.

“We need that report so that we can understand whether we are making any effort in wiping out FGM or not. We need more children in school than it has never happened before,” said Kipkemei.



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