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Woman Allegedly Murders Husband in Most Foul Manner

Ngong police are holding a homicide suspect who was arrested while trying to escape from a horrid murder scene at Mathare slums on Wednesday.

Kajiado North Sub County Police Commander Joseph Mwika on January 23.

 Kajiado North Sub County Police Commander, Joseph Mwika on Thursday morning confirmed the arrest and said the woman attempted to escape from murder scene but was confronted by neighbours and handed over to law enforcement officers.

 “The murder scene was not as pleasant as the body of her husband was found in a pool of blood which is an indication a sharp object was used to slit open his body,” said Mwika.

 Mwika told KNU such cases are on the rise across the country and offered differing couples and other people with depressed relations in Kajiado North Sub County to seek free police counseling.

From the look of things, it appears the couple has been in frosty relation for quite a while according to their neighbours. We should have come in handy as police officers to try and help them,” said Mwika.

The mother of a 2-year-old child who is the suspect is believed to have murdered her husband in the morning.

Eyewitnesses said suspicious neighbours confronted her after she was found loading household items onto a truck. 

Police said the wife of the deceased, Peter Kiarie, 48, who is a businessman in Ngong, is the first suspect.

His body was found lying in a pool of blood inside a vacant house within their rental structures.

Mwika said police were informed of the incident by the residents of Mathare slum in Ngong who acted swiftly to arrest the suspect before she escaped with her household goods.

 “We applaud Mathare slums residents for their activeness in Nyumba Kumi Initiative that helped them to be inquisitive and take fast action to investigate after getting suspicious with their neighbour’s actions,” he said.

 “The matter will now be taken to court after the police complete their investigations,” Mwika said.

 The body of the deceased was booked at city mortuary to await postmortem that will aid the police to investigate the murder suspect case.

 The Chairman of Nyumba Kumi Initiative at Mathare slums Charles Kigia urged married couples in the area to seek a separation in case their marriages are embroiled in marital feuds.

 “Nobody was born to one husband and that you should die after fighting for a long time in the hands of a killer spouse,” said an angry Kigia.

 The elderly man also called on people in neighbourhoods to report cases of fighting couples to Nymba Kumi ambassadors or the police so they can be offered help.

Kigia claimed neighbours of the suspect noticed something funny when she started advertising the sale of their plot they have put up structures after she had committed the act.

 The 2014 Kenya Demographic and Household Survey indicate that Gender Based Violence occurs in all parts of the country, with records on the increase as per National Crime Research Centre report released in 2018.



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