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Lenku Not Aware of Kimiti’s Arrest over Incitement Claims, Says Olowuasa

After MCA, Henry Kimiti was released on bail today in an incitement case leaders now call for a review of all investors’ conduct in county.

Senator Mary Seneta and Joshua Olowuasa in court on Friday when MCA Kimiti appeared in court./Robert Masai.

Led by Kaputiei North MCA, Joshua Olowuasa, the MCAs said corporate social responsibility is paramount as new investors come to do business in Kajiado.

Steering away from the case in court that saw the arrest of Kimiti over alleged incitement to violence, the MCAs said there is need for new investors to cultivate and enhance understanding with the local communities.

“The economy of this region depends heavily on our investors, who we cherish, but of great importance is the understanding between our people them. CSR is an important segment of those doing business with us as that shows their goodwill to the people,” said Olowuasa.

Olowuasa claimed governor Joseph Lenku was disturbed by the arrest of Kimiti, and through him he sent the MCA words of encouragement while advising the people of Kajiado east to be patient until the outcome of the case.

“The governor told me he is sorry for what happened to Kimiti and that he will stand with the people of Kajiado to ensure they are treated fairly in their daily engagement with investors,’ said Olowuasa.

Kimiti was released on a Sh100, 000 cash bail after pleading not guilty to incitement charges when he was arraigned in court on Friday morning.

The mention of the case is set for February 11, while full hearing takes off on February 22 in Kajiado.



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