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MP Warned Against ‘Interference’ at EAPCC’s Kibini Plant

Mashuuru Sub County security committee has asked MP Peris Tobiko to keep off East African Portland Cement Company plant operation at Kibini, Kajiado County.

Mashuuru DCC Stephen Nyakundi (left) his officers officers barricades at the Kibini gate.

Deputy County Commissioner Stephen Nyakundi on Friday claimed the MP met with some 52 former casuals at EAPCC and allegedly incited them to close the company in forcing it to pay their dues.

“She went to Kibini on Wednesday evening and incited the youth to blockade the company premises to stop raw materials from entering the plant as a way to force EAPCC to pay them their dues,” claimed Nyakundi.

Nyakundi said the MP arrived after the area MCA, Henry Kimiti had met with the company managers where he was assured that payment for the retrenched workers would be settled at the end of January.

“What beats logic is the fact that the MP arrived later and demanded that the youth close the factory if their dues will be delayed up to the end of the month,” said the DCC.

He said Portland is a state-owned parastatal which recently retrenched a total of 552 workers and that all of them have been assured pay at the end of the month.

Some more than 40 policemen have camped at the Kibini plant to protect any it after it was rumoured some youth were planning to invade it.

The DCC claimed the MP went to the company on Thursday night demanding to be allowed in while she was in the company of some youth by the police refused to listen to her.

But Tobiko denied the allegations of incitement adding that she attended the meeting at the plant with the area police OCS, the sacked workers, and the management and it was agreed that another meeting would be called Saturday to resolve the matter.

She said she fighting for the rights of workers and has been engaging the management to resolve the stalemate, adding that during the Saturday meeting top managers of the company will be in attendance



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