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Ewuaso Launches Kimuka’s Sh180 Million Water Project

Ewaso Ng’iro South Development Authority has launched a Sh180 million-water source project discovered by Chinese Construction Company last year.

Kajiado governor at the Kimuka on January 10 during the launch of water project.

China Road and Bridge Corporation that is constructing phase two of the Standard Gauge Railway to Naivasha discovered the source while building a tunnel at Kimuka in Ngong in September 2018.

They discovered natural water source with a capacity to supply over 1700 cubic meters per hour.

On Thursday, ENSDA MD Sammy Naporos said the authority has sunk Sh180 million into the project which he said will be complete in the next six months.

Naporos said once the project is complete, some 72, 000 residents in Kajiado West Sub County will benefit from the water.

He said the authority is partnering with the county government for purposes on ensuring maintenance of the water system and its management, while the SGR has already built water reservoirs with large capacities.

“What is of great importance is to let the people take ownership of this project and sustain it through the help of the county government,” said Naporos.

Locals have in the past been depending on dams that occasionally dry up leaving them thirsty. The area has no seasonal rivers and access to water has been a major challenge.

China Communication Construction Company Deputy General Manager Guo Ging said his company will build two 800-cubic-meter-capacity tanks that will act as storage for the water which will then be purified and supplied to homes.

Speaking during the launch, Governor Joseph Lenku said the national government project will benefit thousands of residents around Kimuka, Oloshoibor and beyond adding that it should be fast-tracked so as to help the beneficiaries.

“Our people deserve to benefit from our natural resources. Our vision to push water coverage from 35 per cent to 60 per cent is a reality,” said Lenku.

There was excitement among the residents during the launch and some said the water source is a miracle and a blessing from God.

Water scarcity has over the years adversely affected households in Kajiado West and livestock farmers have been severally forced to migrate to Tanzania during drought periods.

Kajiado West MP George Sunkuyia thanked the national government for coming to the aid of the people. “This is a blessing to my people and a new year gift that will be remembered for many generations to come,” added Sunkuyia.



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