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MP Tobiko: I Am Waiting for Opportune Time to Take on My Political Adversaries

Kajiado East MP, Peris Tobiko, has said she will never respond to her political adversaries against her resolve to become Kajiado’s next governor.

MP Peris Tobiko at MCA Joshua Olowuasa’s thanksgiving.

At the same time announced she has not declared to run for governor but that if ‘they force me, I will bring war to the governor’s doorsteps’’.

She said she will not respond to her critics because most of them are drawing favours from county government, and waiting to decamp to her side on the right time.

Tobiko, whose name has been making newspaper headlines and in social media outlets after announcing she will oppose Governor Joseph Lenku in 2022 if she is pushed to the wall by the county’s leadership.

Speaking through one of her trusted aides on Tuesday evening Tobiko said her resolve and journey to capture the seat of the county’s CEO will be ‘unstoppable’ if pushed beyond limits and told those whipping her name in public meetings to continue ‘building’ her.

“My boss is happy that while she is engaged in development issues, some leaders are promoting her name in political gatherings elsewhere. She says she feels happy when her name is mentioned 100 times daily because she wants the people of Kajiado know that her decision to vie for governor is valid,” said a senior aide, who sought anonymity.

He said Tobiko does not harbour hate against anyone but pursuing her dreams of serving Kajiado people in a different capacity.

“The MP says that it has been possible in Kitui, Bomet and Kirinyaga for women to be elected governor and that her wish is not foolhardy but a designed approach to leadership,” he said.

Some people, and few in number, misunderstand the MP every time she raises governance issues that affect her people. I cannot say ‘misunderstanding’ parse but they do not just want to hear her because of her political standing and association with like-minded people, he said.

The MP, who has also avoided indulging the media on her on-going debate and counter attacks by Lenku, is said to have well oiled campaign machinery which she wants to commission a few months before the next general election.

Her handlers on Tuesday denied propaganda making rounds in the county that she is being ‘used’ by real players in the race for governor position in 2022.

“Tobiko is not playing second fiddle in this race. She is determined, and when I say so, you must appreciate the fact that she has been MP from 2013 not by nomination or stealing the votes but winning those two elections outrightly,” said the spokesman.

The spokesman revealed that most of those speaking loudly against her in governor Lenku’s meetings have been having night meetings with them.

In fact, she said, more than 12 MCAs in Jubilee and in opposition are working closely with her ahead of 2022.

He gave an example of the National Affirmative Action Fund meeting held in Kiserian on Monday where some 10 MCAs attended it and never uttered a single word against her apart from Kajiado MP George Sunkuyia who said he will stand with governor Lenku in2022.

“The MP told the meeting she was aware some MCAs were with Lenku in Lenkisim on Saturday and that her name was the day’s agenda. She told them not to stop propagating her agenda wherever they are because that is what make her tick,” the spokesman said.

On January 1, governor Lenku stated that unnamed politician is dividing Kajiado in the middle by preaching hate and tribalism in the region.

He appealed to the people to ignore the politician and focus their minds in building the county.

Two days later, nominated senator Mary Seneta made a disclosure of the said politician claiming the governor was actually pointing a finger at MP Tobiko.

During MCA Joshua Olowuasa’s thanksgiving ceremony in Isinya, announced that she might seek the position of governor in the next election if the current CEO continues to interfere with resources and dividing the people from the Kaputiei community for personal gains.



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