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Truck Labeled ‘Bamburi Cement’ Detained by Police After Isinya Accident

Kaputiei North MCA Joshua Olowuasa stands next to a truck that damaged an electric pole.

An MCA wants owners of a truck that knocked down a security electric pole last week to pay for the damages or face legal action.

The truck that veered off the road a few metres from the weighbridge offices knocked down a pole that also fell on the building.

Kaputiei North MCA, Joshua Olowuasa, claimed the pole fell on the roof of the offices where weighbridge clerks and police officers attached were inside.

“This is a serious offence and the owner of the truck must meet the full cost of repairing the building and replacing the pole estimated at a cost of Sh500, 000,” said Olowuasa.

The truck has since been detained by the police and Olowuasa says it will only be released after the owners have made repairs.

Olowuasa said the damage has caused a blackout in some parts of Isinya town which also leave people unsecured along dark alleys.

The MCA warned truck drivers and other motorists to drive slowly as they approach the town.

Early in the year, two people were crushed to death a few metres to the weighbridge as they rode on a motorbike and the MCA called on the government to relocate the facility from the town and put it elsewhere.

Other road users have also complained of incessant traffic jams caused by trucks at the weighbridge and have also called for the relocation of the facility.

Speaking at the scene of the accident, Olowuasa said he has plans to connect some more parts of the town to security lighting.

“These are some of my campaign pledges and I am determined to do that. I am already in talks with the governor so that we can also gravel more roads in the backstreets of the town,” said the MCA.



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