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Lenku Unleashes Troops on Imagined Foe Out to’ Divide’ Kajiado Maasai

Memorial service for the late Lenku ole Mpaa, was turned into a political arena when allies of governor Joseph Lenku took on his imagined foes.

Leaders Put Their Heads Together.

But no one, not even the governor, was offended by the raging remarks against his considered enemies because even his late father was considered a ‘great’ political kingpin during his heydays.

Before the politicians were ‘unleashed’ in the arena, respected Maasai elders were lined up to pay tribute to their own that played politics in the league of the likes of Stanley Shapashina Oloitiptip in the southern end of the region.

The lively memorial service was attended by Jubilee MCAs and those aligned to opposition, who united in the spirit of handshake to display their might at whoever would attempt to cross the path of their boss, governor Lenku.

[VIDEO] Nominated Senator Mary Seneta.

The agenda was clearly written on the wall as Kaputiei North MCA, Joshua Olowuasa, announced he had broken ties with Kajiado East MP Peris Tobiko for allegedly claiming she will teach Lenku a lesson in 2022.

Tobiko had gone public in December and announced that if she will seek a higher political position in the county, she would relinquish and surrender her seat to Olowuasa.

Olowuasa said; “I do not want that seat of Kajiado East MP if its meaning is to put me in a collision course with my friend, Lenku.”

The MCA claimed Tobiko is operating solo and should not whip the support of the Kaputiei community to justify her means aimed at dividing the Kajiado people.

“Let it be known here that I am not with Tobiko in her overtures. I am a self-made politician and therefore I do not need any other person to claim my political mentorship,” said Olowuasa.

On January 1, governor Lenku accused unnamed politician of attempts to divide residents of Kajiado on tribal lines.

Lenku’s remarks were later on echoed by nominated senator, Mary Seneta, who went ahead to claim the person named was actually Tobiko.

“Let us not beat about the bush in handling this issue because Tobiko has actually lost respect for Lenku,” Seneta said on Thursday last week.

MP Tobiko differed with Lenku after the governor banned sand harvesting along the Eselenkei River, which is a shared resource between three communities; Ilkisonko, Ilkaputiei and the Matapato.

She warned Lenku on December 16 in Isinya to tread carefully when dealing with sensitive issues like natural resources in Kaputiei and the larger Kajiado East.

“I may want that position in 2022 because I cannot continue to see my people being harassed by a system that has no feelings for the poor,” said Tobiko.

The MP was referring to Lenku, who had immediately left the venue as soon as she came in to the thanksgiving ceremony for Olowuasa on December 16.

But during the Lenkisim memorial service, Ewuaso MCA Julius Ngossor broke ranks with others and said Tobiko has a right to picket.

“Let her take her space because opposition is also healthy. In the absence of the opposition in the county, Tobiko is playing a noble role,” said Ngossor.

Another MCA, Martin Kimemia, told Lenku not to comment or respond to what Tobiko says about him.

“Leave her to us because we know her dose and we will prescribe as the need arises,” said Kimemia.



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