Leaders Unhappy With Form 1 Students’ Computer Generated Selection

Kajiado News Update

Kajiado News Update

We are bold in presenting our news as we move to all Maa counties across the country.

Elected leaders are unhappy with this year’s electronically generated selection of Form 1 students to secondary schools, claim untenable and unfavourable.

Moses Nailole after handing over a shield and spear to Governor Joseph Lenku.

Speaking during memorial service of the late Kajiado governor’s father, Chief Lenku ole Mpaa, in Lenkisim village of Entonet Ward on Saturday, the leaders led by Governor Joseph Lenku claimed they shocked some pupils from the county were picked in some day schools in Mandera.

Lenku said if the selection is left the way it is, dreams of many children who want to proceed to high school will be devastated.

Kajiado South MP, Katoo Metito, said he is shocked to hear that some 13 year old girls from Kajiado were picked to proceed to day schools in Mandera.

[VIDEO] Kajiado leaders unhappy with form one selection.

“It beats all logic to note that ministry of education is sending 13 year-old girls to day schools  in Mandera county of all the places. Some of their parents cannot even afford a meal, and here education ministry is loading them with extra transport and rental cost,” lamented Metito.

The former Internal Minister, during President Kibaki tenure, said he is not objecting to the entire exercise of selection but isolated cases meant to punish parents and students.

“Picking best performers from Mandera to join Alliance or Shanzu High schools is prestigious, but not picking performers from Nairobi to go and attend form one in Lokichogio day secondary schools,” claimed Katoo.

Lenku wondered aloud why the ministry of education is not considering a slot of 20 percent for local students joining national schools in counties.

“We are allocating resources to national and other county schools as a regional government and yet when it comes to selection, our children are posted to where they cannot even afford fares, leave alone renting houses for 12 and 13 year-olds joining form one,” said Lenku.

Kajiado West MP, George Sunkuyia, claimed this year’s form one selection should be reversed and done in a way that is satisfaction to the parents.

“I even have a case where a pupil who did well in Kajiado West was picked to join a school 1, 200 kilometres away in North Eastern. The school is also a day secondary school. CS Amina should look at those irregularities and correct them,” said Sunkuyia.

The debate was sparked off by Ongata Rongai MCA, Mwathi Pere, who appealed to MPs to look at the sorry situation in the ministry of education where the interests of parents have been thrown to ‘dogs’.

The late Mpaa, who served in various capacities during colonial era as a traditional chief and later appointed as government chief, was born in 1907.

He belonged to Iterito age set of the Kajiado Maasai. He was described by other elders who saw him as a disciplinarian and a warm-hearted to those who followed the law during his tenure as chief in the provincial administration.

Former Kajiado Central MP, David Sankori, said Mpaa was a member of the local native council in Kajiado.

Mpaa worked closely with the late Kajiado South MP Stanley Shapashina Oloitiptip in trying to ensure Maasai children attend school.

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