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Style Up, Stop Attacking Governor Lenku, Seneta Tells MP Tobiko

Nominated senator Mary Seneta today jumped into the ongoing fray between MP Peris Tobiko and Governor Joseph Lenku and warned the legislator to ‘watch’ her steps.


Nominated Senator Mary Seneta.

Seneta reacted to a statement issued by Lenku in Kitengela on Tuesday which he accused unnamed leader allegedly bent on dividing the people of Kajiado on tribal lines.

Although Lenku never mentioned names, Seneta claims the governor was referring to the Kajiado East MP, adding that the elected leader has no respect for the governor.

MP Peris Tobiko.

“She recently made her point clear that she will contest the position of governor in 2022 and also claimed she will relinquish her position as MP adding that her position will be taken over by Kaputiei North MCA, Joshua Olowuasa,” claimed Seneta.

She went on; “Who does she think she is to claim in public that she will hand over the seat to her friend, does she own Kajiado East constituency?”

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Speaking during Olowuasa’s thanksgiving MP Tobiko said before cameras that she will hand over the seat to the Kaputiei North MCA because she trusts him more than any other person.

Tobiko also told Lenku, who had just left the function, that she is offended by his actions as governor for allegedly plundering natural resources belonging to Kaputiei community.

Lenku had just lifted a ban on sand harvesting ion the county and advised members of the Kaputiei, Matapato and Ilkisonko communities to pick five people each to deliberate on issues that were threatening their unity along River Eselenkei (a source of sand).

Tobiko claimed the governor is dividing the Kaputiei community for his political gain as he allegedly interferes with natural resources provided by God.

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But Seneta today told Lenku to stop responding to Tobiko’s ‘reckless’ talks, and instead serve the people who elected him.

“It is true the MP is dividing the people. Look at her office where she has employed people from her clan. What can we learn from such a leader who has failed to deliver to the people who elected her,” claimed Seneta.

The nominated senator challenged the MP to make public any development she initiated in Kajiado ever since she was elected.

“She is actually petty and I am telling her to know that not all the people in Kajiado East can be fooled to believe in her. The 2022 election will come and the people of the county will make a decision based on what the leaders did for them,” Seneta said.

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