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Family Counts Loses after Leopard Attack in Olooloitikosh, Kajiado West

Leopards from Nairobi National Park on Wednesday raided a home in Olooloitikosh village in Kajiado and killed nine Dorper sheep valued at Sh270, 0000.

Wilfred Toyianka (left) is assisted by neighbours to lift a lifeless sheep today.

The owner, Wilfred Toyianka, who is the local assistant chief, said he was woken up at 4am by movement of sheep next to the main house.

“When I went out I found remains of three partly eaten sheep and a head of the fourth outside the pen. I counted my grade sheep and found out that five more were missing,” said Toyianka.

[VIDEO] Former KWS Officer: Wilson Parseina Speaks

Toyianka said he rears Dorper sheep which he bought from a sheep breeder who imports them from South Africa. His breeds weigh up to 80 kg each.

An angry Toyianka said the attack on his grade sheep happened after he had negotiated with a buyer on Monday to buy 10 sheep so he can use the money to pay fees for his children in high school.

“I am devastated by what happened to us as a family because I do not know where I can turn to for fees. I need more than Sh200, 000 to take care of school issues and transport for my children,” said the chief.

[VIDEO] Owner: Wilfred Toyianka Speaks

Journalists arrived at the home of the assistant chief at midday and found two Kenya Wildlife Service rangers who said they had gone to the home to assess the extent of the attack.

An elder from Oloyiana village within the area, Wilson Parseina, claimed the attack at the home of Toyianka brings the number of homes attacked by leopards to 12 in only 6 months.

[VIDEO] Village Elder: Geoffrey Lelerinkon Speaks

“We are tired of these menaces perpetrated by wild animals from Nairobi National Park. I have personally lost more than100 Dorper sheep while my neighbours have also lost quite a big number which have not been compensated by KWS,” claimed Parseina.

After receiving the news of the attack, Kajiado nominated senator, Mary Seneta, took a swipe at the Ministry of Wildlife for failing to implement policies and provide guidelines for compensation of livestock eaten by wild animals.

“We passed the wildlife conservation management Act, 2013 which was gazetted on December, 27 of the same year. I personally feel the CS in the implementing ministry have some vetted interest on this issue. The guidelines and policies that stipulate the payment process of compensation is the work of the ministry and not parliament. We did our part in Parliament at the time,” said Seneta.

[VIDEO] Olooloitikosh Village Woman Speaks

The politician was MP at the time. She said Act allowed establishment of County Wildlife Conservation and Compensation Committee that would look in to issues affecting the pastoralists but that the delay in coming up with guidelines is proof that the CS is not for the whole idea.

Seneta said she also remembers that Salaries and Remuneration Commission refused to come up with the allowance payment guidelines for members of the County Wildlife Conservation and Compensation Committee.

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“If they have formulated those committees, I am sure they are just in office for missionary work because they cannot be paid,” said Seneta.




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