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Teeka Says His Ambition for County Top Seat Still On

Politician Sankok Teeka today announced he has started distributing relief food to starving families in Kajiado West constituency.

Sankok Teeka tries Mijikenda jig in Kwale on Sunday.

“Many of our people have no food to eat and have nothing to celebrate for as vagaries of weather continue to negatively impact on livestock,” said Teeka.

He wished the people of Kajiado a merry Christmas and happy New Year. The politician spoke on arrival from Kwale where he was guest of honour during a fundraiser for Kaya elders.

Teeka he will organise for a fundraiser for the elderly people in Kajiado to help them start off poultry businesses.

“The little money they receive from government cannot sustain some of them, leave alone doing any business with the same. I want to help them start poultry and bee keeping,” said the politician.

The politician said he has not dropped his bid for the county’s top seat, and that he will be announcing his campaign program mid next year.

“I am currently shopping for technocrats locally and abroad who will manage my campaigns as soon as we start this journey. Kajiado county require complete change in its leadership, and I believe I am the answer,” he said,

He went on; “Tell Lenku 2022 is just around the corner and my political clock is ticking fast. It will be a battle to reckon between the young blood and the old. I will mobilise the youth to vote against the old generation.”



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