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Kanchori Takes on MP Tobiko, Restrains her from ‘Mudslinging’ Lenku

Former MCA Daniel Kanchori.

Former Oloosirkon/Sholinke MCA Daniel Kanchori on Sunday told Kajiado East MP Peris Tobiko to abstain from mudslinging governor Joseph Lenku’s name for her political mileage.

Kanchori claimed Tobiko, while attending a ceremony in Korrompoi on Saturday, alluded that Lenku has caused division against Kisonko and Kaputiei communities.

The former MCA also claimed the MP told the gathering that the on-going tussle over sand harvesting between the two communities is the creation of Lenku.

Kanchori clarified that, two years ago, while for governor David Nkedianye was in office, there existed sand issues between the Kaputiei and Matapato communities and the same was resolved devoid of politics.

He claimed that on December 21, 2016 a meeting was called for at Bush Camp that discussed sand issues between Kaputiei and Matapato communities, and at the time Lenku was not the governor.

MP Peris Tobiko.

“It is not right for a leader worth her salt to peddle lies in public to justify her empty rhetoric. She knows well that this is not the first time issues pertaining to sand harvest is not a creation of governor Lenku,” said Kanchori.

The politician, who has just been admitted to the bar by Chief Justice Maraga, said the MP is already aware Lenku has already directed the issue of sand to be resolved between the elders from the various communities to avoid politicization of the matter but she is still trying to remain relevant by peddling untruths.

“It’s wrong for Tobiko to play politics on a sensitive community issue which has potential of causing friction between communities. The elders have already made progress in their pursuit of resolving the matter once for all,” said the politician.

On Sunday last week, Tobiko took on the governor over the same issues during the thanksgiving for Kaputiei North MCA Joshua Kintei Olowuasa and told him to steer off from tampering with resources provided by God for her people.

And on this Sunday, one week later, Kanchori claims Tobiko’s pronouncements amount to political incitement which doesn’t befit a leader of her calibre

He said, the Governor while in Isinya last weekend made it clear on the roadmap towards a solution to the problem being witnessed along the boundary of the Kisonko, Kaputiei and Matapato communities.

Governor Joseph Lenku.

“Public peace should not be sacrificed under alter of selfish political ambitions for that bridge will be crossed when the time comes,” Kanchori said.

He said all leaders should work together for the benefit of the entire county and country.

Uniting Kajiado agenda, Kanchori said, has caused many selfish politicians to be cry babies who are longing for attention.

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Lenku must be given a chance to deliver and when time of politics comes everybody has their democratic right to play it, he said.

The former MCAs applauded Imaroro Ward Rep, Amos Peshut and his Kenyewa/Poka counterpart, Henry Kimiti for allowing peace process to take off without injecting politics into the matter.

He also appealed to the MP to follow suit is she has love for her people, adding that soon the truth will come out for all to know the lies Vs the truth.

“The MP has never recovered from the shock she received after governor Lenku the seat in 2017 general election. It’s time for her to concentrate on her mandate as MP which is in dire need of development, and allow the governor to deliver on his mandate,” claimed Kanchori.

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Governor Lenku is focused towards delivering to the great people of Kajiado county and doesn’t wish to be distracted by petty politics, he added.





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