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Kiserian OCS, Mugambi, Assures Family Fairness in Child Murder Case

The Kiserian police station boss and DCI officers are on the spot over investigations into the murder of a six-year-old girl.

Late Angel Wangoi, 6.

The girl’s mother says the officers are derailing the case by demanding that she produce witnesses. They have rejected the claims.

The girl was kidnapped, defiled and later killed in cold blood in Kiserian, Kajiado, on November 30. Police said her body parts were recovered stuffed in a gunny bag, some two kilometres from her home. They launched investigations.

A 17-year-old suspect was arrested.  Police officers said they were called in after members of the public nabbed the suspect on December 1. He named 14 other suspects and their parents, and told the officers that they ate some of the girls’ body parts. The suspect worked at an abattoir in Kiserian.

The child’s mother now says she is disillusioned and unsure if she will ever get justice for her daughter “after the investigators went mum”.

The police say the case will only proceed to trial if she produces witnesses, she said on the phone yesterday.

She said she has yet to know the identity of the suspect in custody and she is not in a position to produce witnesses. “It is the same officers who arrested a suspect on December 1. Where will I get witnesses, yet even the one arrested is not known to my family?” she asked.

The woman said the police have not talked to her since they demanded witnesses. She said it could be a ploy to have the case thrown out.

But Kiserian police station boss Lucy Mugambi dismissed the allegations. She said they are on top of investigations.

“We’ve not forgotten the complainant. Government doctors are examining our key suspect in this case to check if he is fit to stand trial. We have nothing to hide, and, in fact, I’m on my way to meet with the complainant just to brief her on what we are doing,” Mugambi said on the phone.

She said they have to seek watertight evidence against the suspects before the case can start. Otherwise, it will be thrown out and that will do no good to the victim, she said.

Meanwhile, it has emerged that the suspect had plotted to kidnap the deceased’s 13-year-old sister but missed his target after she fled to their house and locked herself up.

The older sister yesterday told the Star that she met the teenage boy who later abducted her sister. She rejected his overtures when he asked her to accompany him to his house.

“He told me he wanted to show me something interesting at his home. He insisted but I ran away to our house,” the sister said.

She said her little sister must have fallen prey to the suspect thereafter.

Her mother said the neighbourhood children saw the boy walk around with a gunny bag before her daughter went missing.

“We followed the direction the children showed us with hopes that I would find my daughter alive. When we arrived at the man’s house, it was locked from inside. We knocked several times but there was no response,” the distraught mother recalled.

“By this time several men had gathered around the house out of curiosity. They helped to break into the house and later said they had discovered a gunny bag bearing the body of a child.”

Wananchi allegedly beat the boy senseless when he showed up at his home that day. A resident said he could have been under the influence of drugs. She said the village was shocked, even though the suspect had a history of violence.

“What he has allegedly done has never been heard before and the entire village is wondering what bedevilled the boy. This is not normal for a boy his age to do,” she said



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