Police on Fire for Demanding Witnesses from Murder Case Complainant

Kajiado News Update

Kajiado News Update

We are bold in presenting our news as we move to all Maa counties across the country.

Kiserian DCI and the OCS are on the spot after a complainant, in murder case of her daughter, claimed they have demanded she provides witnesses.

Angel Wangoi, was buried last Saturday. 18 days in to her death, no case has been heard in court.

The woman alleges she is disillusioned and not sure if she will ever get justice after police investigators went mum on her following arrest of a key suspect in the murder of her daughter.

Milka Njeri, the mother of Angel Wamboi, 6, who was kidnapped, defiled and later killed in cold blood in Kiserian, claimed on Tuesday investigators at the local police station wants her to produce witnesses so that the case proceeds to court.

“I am pained that those investigating my daughter’s murder are demanding that I produce witnesses in order for the case to start. I cannot sleep because it appears I will never see justice served to the killers,” Njeri lamented on the phone.

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Reacting to the claims made by the mother of the victim, Ngong OCPD Joseph Mwika said;”You have just told me, let me talk to DCI and OCS in Kiserian to find out what is going on and let you know.”

When pressed to confirm if the matter has been taken to court, Mwika said he needed time to consult.

Njeri claimed it is the Kiserian DCI that took up the case after her daughter’s body parts were recovered under a bed in a suspect’s house on November 30.

“It is the same officers who arrested a suspect on December 1linked to the murder case. Where will I get witnesses, and yet even the one arrested is not known to my family,” said Njeri.

Njeri claimed the police have never talked to her for sometimes after they demanded she produces witness, adding she is worried that could be a ploy to throw out the case.

Meanwhile, it has emerged that the suspect in the murder of Angel Wangoi, 6, a pupil at Garden Academy in Kiserian, had targeted her 13 year old elder sister, Juliet Wamboi, for kidnap but his target failed miserably after she ran to their house and locked herself up.

Narrating to ordeal, Wamboi told KNU that she met face to face with the man who abducted her little sister but refused to go with him.

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“He had told me that he wanted to show me something interesting at his home and I told him but I do not know your home. He insisted but I ran away to our house,” said Wamboi.

He mother, Njeri, confirmed her daughter’s narration and said her little daughter could have fallen in the hands of her killers after they missed the target.

While refreshing her mind on what happened on that fateful day, Njeri claimed some children who were playing with her daughter told her they saw a man walking away with Angel and later saw him walking to his house in the village with a gunny bag.

“We followed the direction the children showed us with hopes that I will find my daughter alive. When we arrived at the man’s house, it was locked from inside. We knocked severally but there was no response,” said Njeri.

She said she feared breaking in to the house alone, and therefore she was forced to look for a mature man. When they went back to the house minutes later, it was locked from outside.

“My heart leaped when I found the house locked from outside. By this time several men had gathered around the house out of curiosity. They helped to break into the house and later said they had discovered a gunny bag bearing the body of a child,” claimed Njeri.

Njeri said it is from there that they called the police, who came and picked the dismembered body of her child. The suspect had gone under, she added.

Police officers, she says, were called on the following day on December 1 after the suspect had been arrested by members of public.

The suspect, while in custody, is alleged to have given the police 14 names of other people who they committed the offence together.

He gave a horrifying story of how they defiled the minor after kidnapping her and later killing her before drinking their blood.

The suspect told the police they later dismembered the body and ate some parts, a story that has caused fear to residents of Kiserian. The suspect works at Kiserian abattoir as a skinner and has wide knowledge of using knives

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