Tobiko Threatens ‘Ruthless’ Action Against Any Leader Crossing Her Path

Kajiado News Update

Kajiado News Update

We are bold in presenting our news as we move to all Maa counties across the country.

Two leaders on Sunday got entangled in the contentious issue of sand mining that has pitted three communities sharing a common border along Eselenkei River.


MP Peris Tobiko Hinted She Would Be Seeking a Higher Seat in 2022

 After Governor Joseph Lenku gave his direction on how the Kaputiei, Kisonko and Matapato communities should resolve the matter, MP Peris Tobiko caused a stir when she emerged unexpected at the home of Kaputiei North MCA, Joshua Olowuasa, to rebuke the county boss.

 Her grand arrival, complete with her aides, caused tension among a section of members of public attending Olowuasa’s thanksgiving ceremony as others stood to recognise her.

 No sooner than she sat down, Lenku and the chief guest, Kalonzo Musyoka, left immediately. Lenku and Kalonzo, however, had earlier indicated they would be leaving immediately, after giving their speeches, to attend to other matters.

 Earlier on Kajiado Central MP Memusi Kanchory had announced that Tobiko had informed him on phone that she would not be attending the thanksgiving ceremony at the MCA’s home in Isinya, and therefore gave her apologies.

 Governor Lenku, after addressing the guests earlier, had said he would not take sides on the emerging differences between the three communities and ordered that each side should pick 5 elders, who will meet him and try to seek a solution to the precarious problem.

 The governor said he has lifted the ban on sand harvesting and the people can now do their businesses freely without politicking.

 Each of the three communities have risen against one another over who should control sand mining along the Eselenkei River on the border of Kajiado East, Central and South Sub Counties.

 “I do not want to be seen as favouring any community for reasons that I come from Kajiado South but the matter should be resolved amicably amongst you,” Lenku had advised.

  Kajiado County Commissioner David Kipkemei introduced the simmering issue earlier and warned politicians against inciting the people to war.

 Kajiado East MP Peris Tobiko on Sunday stormed a venue in which governor Joseph Lenku was addressing the contentious issue of sand mining along Eselenkei River

 Kajiado East MP Peris Tobiko, however, took issue with Lenku over what she termed interference of resources in her constituency.

Lenku did not, however, stay through her speech as he left immediately with Kalonzo.

Tobiko claimed Lenku’s administration is messing up her people by plundering resources and denying them access to sand harvesting.

“Let me be clear on this, any leader no matter his position, who comes in between my people and their resources, we will deal with him the best way we know,” a visibly angry Tobiko said.

Lenku had earlier briefly spoken about the lingering hostilities between the Kisonko, Kaputiei and Matapato communities over sand on the shared border along Eselenkei River,

“I am aware of the problem and I have told the communities to use their elders and resolve the issue,” Lenku had said.

Kajiado County Commissioner David Kipkemei warned certain leaders against inciting their communities on sand issue.

 “Do not push me to the wall on this matter because I do not want to order your arrest. Anyone found to be dividing people along clanism will be arrested and charged for incitement,” Kipkemei said.

 When Tobiko stood to address the guests, she appeared to be privy of what the governor had talked earlier in her absence and went ahead to take on the county boss even after he had left and accused him of driving a wedge to divide her Kaputiei community.

 “The resources within Kajiado East, and especially for the Kaputiei community came from God and you cannot purport to understand them more than my people know,” Tobiko appeared to direct her statement to the governor.

 She warned that she will personally deal with any leader appearing to divide her people, adding that sand and other resources were there before some leaders were elected.

 “I will not allow anyone to interfere with our resources, and if this continues, 2022 is not far. I will relinquish my seat for Olowuasa, who is my good friend, and go for the top seat,” said Tobiko without elaborating further.

 Her hard-hitting statements appeared to be directed to Lenku, who had already left, the man who she had earlier said will receive her blessings.

 Her Sunday statement appears to change Lenku’s fortunes ahead of the 2022 general election when he will be seeking re-election.

 Tobiko, commonly referred to as Kajiado’s Iron Lady, is said to be eyeing the governor’s seat. She has been poking holes to Lenku’s administration and his recent visits to various homes in the larger Kaputiei zones in Kajiado East.

 The Kaputiei community, for some time now, has been in quarrel with the Kisonko, which the governor belongs, over sand harvesting along the Eselenkei River.

 Each of them wants to control its harvest and movement. At one point, the two communities divided the river into two and even attempted to block free movement of people from crossing to both sides.


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