Media Goes Berserk on Man Who Wedded Two Wives in Record One Day

Kajiado News Update

Kajiado News Update

We are bold in presenting our news as we move to all Maa counties across the country.

When KNU broke the news of Tom Mako Jnr and his threesome wedding in Kisaju, we had no idea the story would attract array of overwhelming reactions.

Tom Mako Jnr with his two love birds, Elizabeth Silamoi and Toyce Tikoyian (right)

The wedding story of Mako Jnr and his two wives; Elizabeth Silamoi and Joyce Tikoyian which took place on the eve of Jamhuri Day is the most trending item in social and mainstream media across the country.

At the time of publishing this story, our official face book page showed it had reached 474, 789 viewers, attracted 96, 548 engagements, 418 comments and 794 shares in time span of four days.

The interaction on our official FB page is very interesting as men and women pour out their hearts in congratulating the Mako’s for their sincere action and condemning them in equal measure for allegedly bridging the teachings of the Bible.

One Maa elder, Moses ole Nkuya, says; “In Maa culture, you do not marry two wives in the same day. Do you know the meaning of ‘Intaloshin’? It means left and right in a homestead that is applied to polygamy among the Maa people.”

Nkuya further clarified that in Maa culture a first wife will always stand or sit on the right hand of her husband while the last second one sits on the left.

He wonders aloud, who between Silamoi and Tikoyian will stand on her husband’s right hand.

[VIDEO] Love Brewed in African and Christian tradition in Kajiado

But Nancy Mum Happy Kupeet, in the social page, is not seeing a culture being ‘abused’ but is worried about what she calls ‘real challenge in the sharing of resources’ in bed.

Kupeet in a spicy appeal says; “I am appealing to the two beautiful ladies not to give their husband a break, no half time in bed and no rehearsals. Let him know, he doesn’t know.”

Jackline Kimeto says; “And here he (Tom) starts a long journey to poverty.”

But Hellen Merin sees Mako as a superman who should have been invited by President Uhuru Kenyatta to address the nation on Jamhuri Day.

Samuleki Arap Ng’ape commented that Tom’s wedding with his two wives is indication polygamy will not end in his Maa culture.

Saitabu Jaymes sees beyond in the face of Mako and says; “That man is a lion and an inspiration to boy child”.

[VIDEO] Mako Jnr Weds Joyce and Elizabeth in a Traditional Ceremony

Another contributor, Wanjiru Muyai, warned Mako against cheating on his two wives because they will gang up against him.

Lawrence ole Mbelati says the man’s (Mako’s) visual expression shows he is equal to the task, while Damere Meshuko Ele says Mako should be awarded presidential commendation for his outstanding courage that no man on the planet has ever attempted.

Journalist Joy Kakenya Enole Barta is not concerned with the emerging wonders in Maasai land but is wondering aloud, for a co-wife, which pastor and which church allowed what happened in Kisaju.

Jebet Wilson sees Mako Jnr as the only honest man left standing on earth, while Alfy Junior says the man of the moment is a true son of the soil.

Angela Ak foresees a honeymoon full of pomp and colour for the threesome as she encourages the man to have a heart of steel as he starts a long journey of earthly pleasure in the wedlock.

“This man deserves to be awarded by the President of Kenya the title of ‘Total Man of the Year 2018. Some of us are just boys”, says Baba Juma.

Sialo Veronicah Ntempei says sharing is caring; “Let them see each other” as top cop Sirere Papz congratulated Mako Jnr for his openness.

[Video] The Kajiado Unique Village Wedding that Rocked the World

Jeremy Monirei says Mako’s action was the perfect way of wrapping up the year, while Moses Munene sees the man as having received two debit cards, and says Mako must be surrounded by affluence to be able to face two wives in a financially dented economy.

Benson Nina sees Tikoyian and Silamoi as heroines and gave an example of a recent story in Kisumu where a woman set her children and herself on fire after receiving information her husband was planning to marry another wife.

Muthoni Doris is wondering who between the two wives will be ‘served’ first by the husband during their honeymoon.

While answering those opposed to polygamy, Leaky Nkatet was fast to say; “It is only deacons and overseers are limited to one wife according to the New Testament and the rest can marry as many as they can afford.”

Despite that unusual ceremony Mako Jnr, maintains proposing to two girlfriends and fulfilling his promise to walk down the aisle with them was the best thing he could do.

Mako first met Joyce while looking after his cattle near his home in the village and as fate would have it, he later bumped on Elizabeth.

The groom went to say he loved both of them and they loved him back equally hence when it was time to settle, he could not disappoint either of the two.

Elizabeth, now playing the role of first wife, says she did not object when her fiancé revealed to her his intention to Joyce and they even discussed the matter at length and blessed the relationship.

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