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Oloomunyi Residents Block Lenku’s Office Over Alleged Grabbed Land

Activities at headquarters came to standstill today as residents of Oloomunyi location blocked its entrance over alleged land grabbing in their area.

Protests around the governor’s offices.

The residents were seeking audience with governor Joseph Lenku to address lack of hospital in their location and alleged grabbing of land which has caused the county not to build a health facility in their area.

They claimed their area chief, who they named on the placards they carried, is part of a grabbing cartel that has caused them trek for 25 km to access healthcare.

The women also claimed some of them have been giving birth as they walk long distances to seek antenatal services under severe climatic conditions and sometimes at night where they are confronted by wild animals.

They also pleaded to First Lady, Margaret Kenyatta to come to their rescue in the provision of mobile maternal health facility in their area as they await the county government deal with the land grabbing menace.

More Protests.
The women who knelt down on the road pleaded with the authorities to help them reclaim the public land to build a hospital for community.

When we sought the named senior chief, Partairo Kaaka, in the alleged land scam, he denied knowledge of any grabbed plot.

The protestors from Oloomunyi at the governor’s gate had not yet been addressed by the time we went on air.

They said they would camp there until a senior person from the county government address them.

During his Jamhuri Day speech, governor Lenku decried the rise of rampant cases land fraud. He said many families are embroiled in endless court disputes over land simply because unscrupulous people have devised cunning ways to falsify documents.

He said he will not watch as genuine investors and land owners in the county are conned of their lands by unscrupulous individuals.




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