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Kajiado South Youth Treat Elderly to Sumptuous, Memorable Jamhuri Day

Youth in Kikelelwa area of Kajiado South gave a special treat to elderly people who saw Kenya attain independence when they were in their 20s.

From left- Melau  Masunka, Melau Lapukiei, Olalala  Ololongui prepare for an egg run.

The elders, whose ages spanned between 70s and above years, received food stuff and blankets as part of Jamhuri package from the youth.

The over 72 elderly women and men received rice, wheat flour, sugar, tea leaves, cooking fat and heavy blanket to warm their bodies against unpredicted weather on the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Peter Nkamolok, a youth leader together with the other members living in Kikelelwa area spent Sh100, 000 in purchasing the stuff and treating their guest to sumptuous super during the Jamhuri Day fete.

Other than gathering to receive the goodies and a meal, the elderly were also engaged in the day’s entertainments which also included competing in a 15m race while carrying eggs on spoons.

They were later treated to dancing zilizopendwa hits of their time as some of the elder men and women competed in putting threads into needles.

The elderly also took the opportunity to thank the youths led by the Nkamalo for remembering them during that holiday season saying for years they have been walking over 15 kilometers to celebrate the national holidays at the Sub County headquarters in Loitokitok.

Joseph Ikayo, one of the elderly men from the area, thanked the youth for remembering and uniting them in large numbers in such a colorful event.

“We are starving at the village with no one to look after us here, people think we are fine but we are not fine at all.  We do go for days without food, water, and as we speak now most of the elderly people in this part of the country sleep for days without anything to eat,” said another Teresia Nkamalok.

Some of the elderly claimed they had been abandoned by their children after their children moved to big towns in Kajiado and Nairobi.

Some said they are visited by their children once during December holidays and that most instances when they fall seek they have no one to attend to them.

Daniel Nkamalo, a youth involved in the bash asked for forgiveness from the elders, saying that they have been involved in raising money to support the elderly in most parts of the county.

Kajiado south sub county has over 7000 elderly men and women but only a few of them are able to get the money which is meant for them from the government fund.

The elders appealed to the government to register many more that have qualified to access the funds and are suffering in the villages.




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