Kajiado Moran Makes History, Marries Two Wives in One Wedding

Kajiado News Update

Kajiado News Update

We are bold in presenting our news as we move to all Maa counties across the country.

Tom Mako alias Junior, 27, will probably see his name curved out in the Guinness book after marrying two wives in one wedding on Tuesday.

Tom Mako, 27, with his two wives Elizabeth Silamoi (left) and Joyce Tikoyian, 23.

Mako, the last born in a family with a history of polygamy, set a record across Maa land that stretches from Masimba in Kajiado East to Trans Mara in Narok County for probably being the first polygyny.

When a man is married to more than one wife at a time, sociologists call it polygyny and when a woman is married to more than one husband at a time, it is called polyandry.

Mako, on Tuesday, in a colourful ceremony in Kisaju area of Kajiado County wedded two of her love birds; Elizabeth Silamoi, 24, from Enkorika area of Mashuuru Sub County and Joyce Tikoyian, 23, from Empakasi near Kitengela.

Interestingly, Mako met Silamoi when he went to graze his cows, two years ago, at her home, while he met Tikoyian, a year ago, when he had taken his livestock to graze in Empakasi near home.

[VIDEO] Kajiado Moran Makes History, Marries Two Wives in One Wedding

Tikoyian went up to Form 4, while Silamoi left school in Form 3 before they started courting with Mako, who sells second hand cars in Kitengela for a living.

In Kajiado Maasai custom, paying pride prize before marriage is a norm, and therefore Mako ensured he paid his before the grand wedding on Tuesday.

He says he married under customary laws but dressed along with his two wives in western style. His wives wore wedding gowns while he was dressed in a suit with a matching tie.

“I want to clear the air here that my wedding was fully customary and had nothing with the Church. Those posting wrong information on social media to the effect that my wedding was presided over by pastors are wrong,” said Mako.

Going back to the historic wedding, Mako says he chose to marry two wives because both of them loved him truly, and that he would have offended another if he her out.

“This is also a clear message to modern cheating husbands who pretend to love one woman and yet again have very women on the sides,” says Mako.

He went on; “I am being sincere to my wives because I will not have any other reason to marry another woman. I believe the two will satisfy me.”

On her part, Silamoi said; “I love him very much because before he brought Tikoyian in, we discussed at length and I gave my blessings to him. I love her as well.”

Best men and ladies of Tom, Elizabeth and Joyce.

“I started courting with Mako two years ago and I satisfied that he is my total man. He is man of his word, and I know that he will not let me down on anything,” said Silamoi. Tikoyian, who spoke to us in front of her co-wife and husband said; “He is our love, we chose to do what he wanted – two the two of us as his wives.”

She said her parents approved of her marriage with Mako because they trusted him that he will take care of her and their children.

Mako’s father, Mako Busabus and her mother Sintiyio, said they could not believe their son’s proposal to have two wives in one wedding but it came to pass.

Pst William Mako and Father Mako Busabus at their home in Kisaju.

“At more than 90 years of age, I have never seen such a thing in Maasai land because we always do differently. What normally happens is that a man who wants to marry a second wife must stay for at least one or two years before bringing in a second one,” says Busabus.

But Mako’s age mates and those who attended his wedding consider him a hero because he did what no known Moran has done in Maa nation.

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