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NHIF Scam Suspect, Onyancha, Allegedly Owns 8 other Mansions in Athi River

A suspect in the National Hospital Insurance Fund corruption scandal has been accused of occasionally flying a chopper to his Athi River home.

NHIF suspects in court in Nairobi

Athi River is a distance of 30 from his workstation in Nairobi.

Fredrick Sagwe Onyancha’s friends allege he regularly travels in a chopper because he does not like inconveniences arising traffic jams on Nairobi roads.

Other sources further claim the 39 year old Onyancha occasionally after work hopes on to a an aircraft at Wilson Airport and flies to his Green Park estate home, which is located off the road to Mombasa at Athi River.

It is not clear whether he owns or hires the choppers.

Onyancha’s monthly salary, a tender evaluation committee member at NHIF, is Sh150,000.

Detectives believe his income cannot finance his lifestyle, which is worth a king’s ransom.

In February, this year, Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi, who is a resident of Green Park neighbourhood, took to social media to complain about his ‘wealthy neighbour ’who flies a chopper every day.

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That one neighbour😢😢😢😢

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Comedian Eric Omondi once complained about his disturbing neighbour.

Omondi claimed the aircraft produced noise, which interfered with tranquility in the neighbourhood.

“I wanted to share something that has been depressing me. My next-door neighbour has really been stressing us in this neighbourhood. I believe neighbours are supposed to be people who are friendly and ones that we can have a conversation with,” complained Omondi on February 5, 2018 in a video clip.

He went on; “Every morning we wake up, we start our cars, and with him, he starts that thing (the chopper) and flies in to the air. When we come back in the evening, we drive through the gate while he descends.”

Rumours are rife that the same chopper-owning neighbour, who Omondi complained about, is indeed Fredrick Onyancha.

When we reached Omondi on the phone, however, could not confirm or deny whether the man he complained about was indeed Onyancha as he (Omondi) said he is not sure.

On December 11, Onyancha was among those charged with several counts of abuse of office and flouting of procurement procedures in a Sh500 million scandal, which has rocked the NHIF. He was, however, released on a Sh500,000 bond.

Onyancha was employed at NHIF in 2007 as customer care officer on a monthly salary of Sh50, 000, and in 2013 was assigned to the tender evaluation committee. By the time, his salary had been raised to Sh150,000.

His lifestyle, thereafter, changed, with detectives saying they are investigating just how he managed to splash over Sh160 million on 8 mansions in Athi River.

Among other high-ended properties that he allegedly owns include a luxurious Toyota Land Cruiser V8 and a Range Rover Sports HSE.

Onyancha and 19 others have been accused of engaging in multi-million shilling graft at NHIF, which prosecutors termed, before a Nairobi court on Monday, as ‘worse than murder’.




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