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Pomp, Colour Marks Nkoirishishe Homecoming as Guests Troop to Magadi

Pomp and colour marked the homecoming of Lucy Nkoirishishe in Ololepo area of Murantawua Sub Location, Magadi Ward on Saturday to celebrate her academic achievement.

Joshua Marubui and wife Lucy Nkoirishishe on December 8.

Nkoirishishe recently graduated with a Master of Procurement and Supply Chain Management Degree and her community and husband, Joshua Marubui, united in thanking her for the achievement.

Although the road to their home gave new visitors quite a challenge, the resolve to meet this ever smiling servant of the community energized some of us.

The very rocky road but with an over lining serenity motivated others who have never been to such an area that overlooks the famous Lake Magadi.

Visitors arrived in droves and none of them complained about the bumpy road except me, I pitied my small car than my own soul though.

Marubui was at hand, in his traditional Maasai attire, to welcome us to his modern home as morans, some meters away, sang homecoming songs to welcome their beloved heroine sister who had graduated recently from the university.

[VIDEO] Pomp, Colour Marks Nkoirishishe Homecoming as Guests Troop to Magadi

Roast meat was served to every guest on arrival before the main dish lands on the table. We ate to our fill as we celebrate the guest of honour of the day, Nkoirishishe.

Then came part of the entertainment, I can say one troupe of young girls and men stole my hearts as they sang and danced to their favourable Maasai song.

I looked around, after noticing that I was physically shaking my shoulders to the tune of their music, just to confirm I was not alone. Indeed I was not alone.

Nkoirishishe had just been escorted to the arena by singing women and was welcome by her beloved husband, Marubui, to sit on the high table as young girls and women raised their necks to have a glimpse of their own daughter who has made a mark in the society.

I couldn’t guess what was in their mind but believe envy was in the air as their role model sat with the high and might on the high table.

Among the guests who graced the occasion were; County KNUT secretary Elly Korinko, MCAs Joseph Masiaya (Magadi), Paul Matuyia (Kitengela), Amos Peshut (Imaroro), Francis Metian (CDF chairman) and many other guests from the county government.



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