Nkoirishishe Urges Elites to Help Fight Female Genital Mutilation Practices

Kajiado News Update

Kajiado News Update

We are bold in presenting our news as we move to all Maa counties across the country.

For many years, she has traversed the county with other anti female genital mutilation activists to discredit and condemn the act visited on young girls.

Lucy Nkoirishishe at her Magadi home on December 8

Last Saturday guests and relatives thronged the home of Lucy Nkoirishishe to celebrate her after graduating with a Master of Procurement and Supply Chain Management Degree.

Nkoirishishe, a procurement officer at the county government, was showered with praises by speakers who said she remains to be a role model in a society that has failed to shake off FGM malpractices.

The officer, who balances her life as an employee of the county government, a mother, wife, mentor and counselor, blatantly detest FGM and tell those practicing it that it will not give their girls jobs but will definitely ruin their lives.

“As a Maasai woman married in this part of Magadi, I thank my parents, husband and the community for supporting my education and my work in urging the local communities to take their children to school,” said Nkoirishishe.

[VIDEO] Nkoirishishe Urges Elites to Help Fight Female Genital Mutilation Practices.

In an equal spirit, Nkoirishishe, have also urged parents not to ignore boy child, adding that girl child appear to be receiving more attention than the boy.

“If you educate a girl and ignore the boy you create an unbalanced situation at home which may lead to a backlash. The boy is most likely going to bring down that girl in revenge,” warns Nkoirishishe.

She said a single offensive statement from a parent to a child can cause a revolt at home, adding that girls who mistakenly get pregnant at home should be given another chance to go back to school.

“I appeal to parents, especially among my community, to speak to and support their children so that they do not turn elsewhere to seek the love they miss from their parents and which in the process end up getting pregnant,” she said.

She says her role model is Linah Chebii Kilimo, the chairperson of anti-FGM board, whose work among the pastoral communities has motivated her.

Nkoirishishe says the best gift a parent can give to his/her children is education and not initiations that have been overtaken by time.

“I have said earlier and I am repeating again that circumcision among young girls will not give them jobs. Let us give children peace and space to pursue education,” she added.

She appealed to the elites in the community to work hand in hand with government to fight traditional malpractices that have ruined Maasai girl child.

The government official said marrying off minors threatens the very future of the community, adding that illiteracy has played a major role in the ruining of the lives of children.

“We are courting a bleak future if we allow minors to be married off in their tender ages to persons enough to be their grandfathers. What does one expect as outcome of such relationships if not other offspring which will not see a classroom door?” asked Nkoirishishe in an interview with KNU.


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