Teeka, Residents Bitter with Lenku’s Nominees of Board Members

Kajiado News Update

Kajiado News Update

We are bold in presenting our news as we move to all Maa counties across the country.

Governor Joseph Lenku is on the spot for picking board member nominees for Kajiado and Ngong municipalities after approval of two charters.

Governor Joseph Lenku .

The assembly early in the week passed with amendments two charters that set pace for conversion of Kajiado and Ngong towns to become municipalities.

Following the passing of the two charters by the county assembly, Lenku came up with two lists of people he nominated to sit in the two boards.

The lists of the board nominees have drawn mixed reaction from residents of Kajiado with politician Sankok Teeka claiming the governor has made ‘grave mistake’ by not including  members of indigenous Keek-Onyokie community in the Ngong list of nominees to the board.

“This is another show of disrespect by Lenku administration for the people of Keek-Onyokie. We are the indigenous Maasai people of Ngong and none of our people made to that lists. We demand an explanation from the governor on this because we are not going to swallow this disrespect lying down,” said Teeka on Friday night interview.

Teeka claimed it is not the first time the governor is messing up with the local indigenous people on his appointments adding that it is wrong for a leader to disregard his people on matters that touch their lives.

“We are not saying the governor should have appointed all the Keek-Onyokie community members in the Ngong list but he should have been courteous at least to appoint even a single person,” said Teeka.

A social media commentator, Emmanuel Ting’a said he was shocked to see a number of non-locals listed as nominees and wondered why the governor came up with names of a particular community in Ngong.

“Who are these people, don’t they have their counties of origin? We have our own qualified people who should have been considered first,” he said.

Oloodo Ong’ota Loolmeserre said; “WhenI read some some comments in the social media saying tribalism breeds failure yet they would rather vote or appoint a dog from their backyard instead of a human genius from another tribe, it makes me wince in pain. Look at the national government and the civil service appointments plus tribal job distribution in other counties, and then we can have a decent talk about nominees”.

Another commentator, Longton Jamil said; “Some of us will suffer because of others in the county. It seems Kajiado belongs to two tribes only.”

Terry Kerika wondered aloud and asked why only Maasai counties offer jobs to outsiders yet the natives are discriminated upon.

But Judith Chege wondered why people have gone to social media to vent their anger and yet they have not even gone through the list of all the 47 counties before arriving at a conclusion.

Lemie Kelly Lemie made a quick rejoinder and told Chege he had gone through the list and asked; “Tell us where Maasai are given jobs in Kiambu, Kirinyaga, Nyeri, Embu,Nandi, Mombasa, Makueni and Machakos (where we border)?”

Fred Tipape wondered why not a single Maasai from Purko was not listed as a nominee for Kajiado Municipal board.

Another vibrant commentator from Ongata Rongai, Kasaine ole Meikoki, he commends the MCAs for passing the Ngong and Kajiado charters that would now set pace towards realization of of two municipalities.

Meikoki, however, said he is perturbed by the list of board members nominated by the county government to serve and help in realization of the benefits that comes with municipality creation.

He said Ngong municipality manager for example is a former primary schoolteacher with no experience whatsoever on anything to do with urban planning.

“Tragically, the entire board is made of former illiterate, clueless, old, tired councillors, who some of them can best be remembered for their lust in grabbing public land. Their appointment to the board can best be equated to the appointment of former vice president, Moody Awori, by President Uhuru Kenyatta to the docket of Youth and Sports,” claimed Meikoki

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