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Kajiado Women Asked to Embrace Traditional Chicken Farming

Latia Agribusiness Solutions Ltd has advised women in Kajiado County to embrace poultry in a bid to mitigate the effects of drought in the region.


Women chicken breeders meet in Purko, Kajiado

Kajiado and Narok counties which entirely depend on livestock lost thousands of livestock to drought early in the year, a situation that has forced two governors from the two regions to adapt hay harvesting as one of the solutions in mitigating effect of drought.

Latia MD, Peter Muthee, made the appeal in Purko ward in Central Sub County on Wednesday after interacting with women group leaders of  2, 000 members who have started poultry in their farms.

Muthee said he came up with a poultry business plan for pastoralist women in Kajiado early in the year and has assisted women in Dalalekutuk and Purko wards with start-up kits of 3 improved traditional chickens per member.

He said demand for traditional chicken meat overrides the country’s production, and therefore advised the women to add their stocks to be able to be able to sustain market demands.

The company other than helping the women to establish poultry farming also seeks markets for chicken products in the country.

[VIDEO] Kajiado Women Asked to Embrace Traditional Chicken Farming.

“As we speak now, I have received a lot of requests for chicken products in Nairobi. Traditional chicken is meaty and sweeter than broilers,” said Muthee.

He said he has contracted many farmers outside Kajiado to supply chicks which he gives out as start-up kits to women in the county, but that he will end the contracts as so he unveils a solar project that aims to target more than 2, 000 homes in Purko Ward.

Muthee said he has already made a projection to start up a pilot solar project early next year in 100 homesteads and buy an incubator for hatchery purposes for the women in the area.

“The reason why I want them to have their own hatchery is that when we first started this project of chicken, many members lost their start-up chicks that we had provided them because of cold weather,” said Muthee.

In the new project, Muthee said, each home will be provided with a 300 watts panel which other than lighting homes will be used at the same time in warming hatched locally produced chicks.



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