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Suspect Confesses He Drunk Blood from 6 year-old Girl Victim

Before a minor’s family comes to terms with death of their 6 year-old daughter, it now emerges she was defiled by a gang before her life was cut short.

Milka Njeri.

It is a story which by all standards borders on cultism, and which the people of Kiserian or the police would not want to belief it happened to a minor who was a pupil at Green Garden Academy.

The mother’s minor, Milka Njeri, clarified to Kajiado News Update Online on Tuesday that the name of her slain daughter is Angel Wangoi, 6, and not Angela Wamboi as earlier reported.

Njeri said her family is traumatized by the Friday afternoon incident and expressed fears that members of the family cannot sleep owing to the fact that some of the suspects have not been arrested.

“My daughter underwent a lot of pain before she was killed. She had woken up to a bright day and was more playful and lively on that Friday morning before she was kidnapped and killed,” said Njeri.

A police source investigating the death of Wangoi exclusively told KNU Online that one of the suspects arrested on Saturday by members of public and later handed to Kiserian police revealed that the minor was defiled by 15 boys.

The number of those alleged to have defiled the deceased is still being contested as the police say investigation is on-going. The suspect in custody is said to have quit school in Form 3 last year.

 Angel Wangoi, 6, was a pupil at Green Garden Academy, Kiserian.

The said gang, the officer said the suspect told him, was having a bash around Githima village when they spotted Wangoi as she passed by, and they lured her into their trap without using force because she knew some of them.

The suspect, who was thoroughly beaten up by members of public after his arrest and before he was handed over to the police, was taken to Ngong Sub County Hospital where he received several stitches on his head.

He is reported to have revealed that after luring the minor, the gang lined up to rape her and later slit her throat to drain blood which they drunk in turns.

The suspect further claimed he took part in dismembering the body of the minor after underwent through some ‘rituals’ while being overseen by another elderly suspect, whose name was also given to the police.

The 17 year-old-suspect is said to have given names of all the people involved in the murder of Wangoi to investigators.

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Initially, the police had linked the murder of the minor to suspected outlawed mungiki sect members.

But emerging revelation after initial investigation and interrogation of a suspect linked to the Friday incident has now left the police tongue-tied after they were told suspects took blood and ate some soft parts of organs from their dead victims.

Doctors at Ngong Sub County Hospital have taken samples for test from the arrested suspect, who is still undergoing treatment at the facility.

The public in Kiserian and its environs is equally scared that some of the other 14 suspects are on the loose, and yet the police have been furnished with their names and those of their parents.

Kiserian residents turned to social media to warn parents against letting loose their children to loiter without company of grownups. They also posted photos of the arrested suspected involved in the murder of the minor.



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