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Security Paid Sh140, 000 In Olgulului Group Ranch Election, Says Official

Shocking revelation has emerged it is harvest season for sub county security committee chairmen to mint money in group ranches elections.

Heavy police presence in the election.

During the recent alleged flawed election at Olgulului/Ololarashi group ranch, the security arm of government received a whooping Sh140,000 to monitor the process in less than four hours.

The flow of free money now confirms and reveals the enormous interest the top security organ in the Sub County and police officers put on such elections.

In the just concluded Olgulului/Ololarashi group ranch election the two teams that were contesting leadership, the Daniel Leturesh and Kasaine Seleka, paid Sh70,000 each.

We could not establish the amount of money that is paid to officials from the Lands Ministry every time they turn up to supervise and preside over such elections.

An official from the Seleka team decided to spill the beans of the money saga to the media after it also emerged some of the top officials in the provincial administration in Loitokitok displayed open bias towards one team.

[VIDEO] Returning Officer Stephen Mayaka Speaks at Amboseli Serena Lodge.

Others are also questioned the role of the local deputy county commissioner, Lawrence Kinyua, in the election if he never saw the clear display of outright intimidation by top officials of the county government as they made and received  many calls during the poll.

At the meeting held at Amboseli Serena Lodge, Kinyua addressed the two teams in his capacity as the chairman of the sub county security committee, but openly ignored dissenting issues raised by the Seleka team.

Whether that election was defined by the free money or not, a local senior official acted as if he was coordinating affairs of national government in a group ranch election.

There was not even any need for the hundreds of policemen deployed at the Enkongu-Narok election in the Amboseli National Park as there was no threat or fears of insecurity reported.

It is a fact known the world over that no election has ever recorded a 100 per cent turnout, but surprisingly the just concluded election indicates that 17, 312 people voted against the group ranch’s officially registered 11, 485 members.

While the media recorded and established that the Leturesh-led side had actually managed 6, 500 votes initially, the figure miraculously jumped to 7, 400 minutes later.

The figure did not stop at 7, 400 votes for long even after the end of the count because the presiding officials led by Stephen Mayaka announced that Leturesh had actually garnered 8, 796 votes against Seleka’s 8, 516.

The heavy presence of top county minister and other officials with the chiefs, who were seen acting in favour of one particular side, is enough reason for top officials on the Lands Ministry to nullify that election.

Before that election, Leturesh told this writer that media was not invited to cover the election, a move which was contested by the Seleka side.

What also clearly came out is the manner the results were announced in a huff as the officials and security teams dashed off from the scene of the election and yet there was nothing that threatened their security.

The media was not involved in the final tally of the votes by the presiding officer. This is also a good reason that the results might have been manipulated to suit some interests.

Meanwhile, the outgoing Olgulului/Olalarashi group ranch secretary, James Moonka, has written a protest letter to Lands Principal Secretary demanding the outcome of the November 19 election to be annulled.

Moonka, in the letter dated November 22, said free and fair elections in their group ranch guarantees continuity of democracy and development, adding that it is people’s empowerment to elect their leaders.

He told the PS the just concluded election was unfairly mishandled and corrupted, adding;”We were aghast by the manner it was handled by presiding officers.”

“Based on some of the fundamental I have raised in my letter, we strongly believe that our people were not given affair and level ground to elect their leaders. We request your office to nullify that sham election and give us a new date,” said Moonka.




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