Support Lenku’s Leadership to Full Term, Says Former Governor Nkedianye

Former governor David Nkedianye, in a surprise public pronouncement on Saturday, said he supports governor Joseph Lenku’s governance until end of his term.

Ng’atataek Senior Chief Daniel Kupai, his wife nominated MCA Grace Munei and children.

Nkedianye said Lenku is the interim governor and should be assisted to provide services he pledged during his last year’s campaigns to the people of Kajiado.

“Lenku is on the wheel, and as the sitting governor he should be given all the space he requires to run his office that was bestowed to him by the people of Kajiado,” said Nkedianye.

The former governor was speaking at a ceremony Orange Democratic Movement nominated MCA, Grace Munei and her husband, Daniel Kupai.

The normally vibrant Nkedianye appeared physically cool throughout the ceremony as politicians present stole the show to drum up support for their political parties.

Nkedianye, who went under immediately after handing over instruments of power to Lenku after last year’s election, has never been seen in public gatherings for more than one year.

[VIDEO] Former Governor David Nkedianye Spoke at the Home of MCA Grace Munei.

He appealed to the people of Kajiado to embrace peace and remained focused in driving their development agenda.

“Peace opens doors for development and this is enough reason to respect elected leaders so they can serve the people with ease,” added Nkedianye.

The former governor did not indicate for how long he will support Lenku as governor or if he will contest in 2022.

Immediately after the last general election Deputy President William Ruto engaged Nkedianye in a series of “talks” that led to the former governor dropping his court petition against Lenku’s election.

It was also reported that he had crossed over to Jubilee from ODM and he was later seen at State House with President Uhuru Kenyatta with other opposition leaders who had crossed over.

Nkedianye was last seen in pictures at the State House function more than one year.

His appearance in Ng’atataek area of Kajiado on Saturday with the blessings of Kajiado Central ODM MP, Kanchory Memusi, was a surprise as he maintained his former team of advisors.

The thanksgiving was attended by a section of MCAs from sides of political divide. Memusi used his space to invite the former governor to ’greet’ the people and 3 minutes Nkedianye was done.



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