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Korrompoi Farmers Identify All Slain Suspected Rustlers in Kitengela

All the four suspected rustlers lynched in Kitengela town today have been ‘positively’ identified by Korrompoi troubled farmers.

Residents Mill Around Four Slain Suspects.

They were killed by members of public and their truck burnt down as one of them escaped with gun wounds today on Friday.

One of the elders from Korrompoi in Kaputiei North Ward told KNU they identified three of the dead as Matapato community residents while the fourth is allegedly coming from Narok.

One of the Suspects Said to be From Narok While 3 were claimed to be From Matapato.

“We identified all the four but the fourth who escaped with wounds was not identified. These are the people who have given us sleepless nights for many months,” said the elder who chose anonymity.

The suspects, according to the owner of the cows Kunini ole Mwanta, went to his manyata in the morning of Friday and drove off nine cows and a big bull.

Front Side of the Torched Truck.

“After the suspects had driven off the cows, my dogs continuously barked and my sons went to check and found the cows missing. They immediately raised an alarm and the rustlers were pursued,” said Mwanta.

Mwanta said the theft occurred at his home in Korrompoi area of Kaputiei North Ward and the cows were driven towards export processing zone in Athi River where the rustlers had loaded them on the truck.

The Day Kitengela Woke Up To Sad News.

The rustlers were caught up by irate morans and other villagers from Korrompoi before the shooting begun as escaped for safety leaving the stolen cows behind.

Isinya OCPD Kinyua Mugambi confirmed the incident and said the four suspects were confirmed dead on arrival to hospital.

Residents Put Heads Together after Four Suspects Were Lynched.

“We picked them and rushed them to hospital but on arrival doctors confirmed they had passed on. One suspect escaped with injuries,” said Mugambi.

Eye witnesses said some of the villagers were armed with licensed guns and that there was no resistance from the rustlers as they were being run down.

End of Road For Suspected Rustlers.

Two weeks ago, Kitengela OCS Renson Gambo swore in public that he will personally handle thuggery and rustling that has caused mayhem among pastoralists in Korrompoi.

Although he was not involved in the recovery of the stolen livestock, Gambo had complained more than 200 cows and 3, 000 sheep had been reportedly stolen in Korrompoi in the past 5 months.








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