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Kipkemei, Lenku Join Forces in Fighting For Maasai Girl Child Rights

Kajiado County Commissioner David Kipkemei was moved to tears after making an impromptu visit to a girls’ rescue centre in Mosiro ward after seeing minors in squalid condition.

Naning’o Primary School pupils in rescue centre in Mosiro Ward, Kajiado.

Kipkemei’s tears came closer on seeing some 46 young girls living in isolation and without basic necessities without the love of their parents.

“I have never been moved to tears to this extend. I was feeling for them. They are here because they fear they will be forcefully married off or circumcised by their own parents,” said Kipkemei on Saturday

The commissioner said when he looked at the size each of the children said to be at a rescue centre, his heart broke down.

“This is archaic, barbaric and outright beastly at this century for people adapt this practice of marrying off children when they are supposed to be in school,” said the commissioner.

The rescue centre is in the wildest west of Kajiado County in Mosiro Ward where people from other wards in the region have never stepped foot because the roads there are dilapidated.

Commissioner Kipkemei addresses minor girls in a rescue centre in Mosiro, Kajiado Weston Friday.

The rescue centre was established several years ago after the rate of marrying off minors among the Kajiado West Maasai went amok and threatened the security of the little souls.

While Kipkemei was in the west of the county feeling for the little souls that have taken refuge away from outright abuse from parents, Governor Joseph Lenku was telling residents in Namanga town to consider merchants of early marriages as murderers.

David Kipkemei donates food items and sanitaries to Naning’o Primary school.

An angry Lenku said the elderly men hunting for young school girls should have their heads cut off, for destroying lives of little souls.

“If you see those men forcing these young girls into marriage, cut off their heads off. We shall deal with the law. This is because, this practice is akin to killing the young children, ” said Lenku.

Speaking while opening the new Namanga Retail Market on Friday, Lenku said the early marriages menace had brought shame to both the country and the Maasai community.

“It is a big shame. This practice is retrogressive. It is obnoxious and it is terrible!” he said.

Governor Joseph Lenku arrives at Bissil from Namanga.

He asked parents to take a keen interest on their children during the long holidays as this was a peak season for amorous men to hit at young girls.

During the Mashujaa Day celebrations in Kajiado Town, Lenku blasted local NGOs that were minting millions of shillings by fighting Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and early marriages.



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