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Health Department Team Shines as Patients Flock County Hospitals

County’s health department has received accolades from national government for recording the highest increased number of patients in its health facilities.


County Health Minister, Esther Somoire.

A comparative evaluation of number of patients visiting county hospitals in the first half of 2017 compared to the same period in 2018 indicates a rapid rise of number of patients seeking various medical services.

Before governor Joseph Lenku’s reforms in the county’s health sector, most public hospitals had been abandoned by residents for luck of medicine, poor equipment, and shortage of staff as patients sought services in private and expensive hospitals.

On Monday, this week, during the Pneumonia Day, top Health Ministry officials led by Chief Administrative Secretary Rashid Aman and Director of Medical  Services Dr. Jackson Kioko hailed the County’s Mbuzi Moja Afya Bora initiative as a transformative way of enrolling residents to Medical insurance through the National Hospital Insurance Fund.

The evaluation report showed an average increase in admissions by at least 130 per cent in the county’s five major hospitals.

The health records in the hospitals show that 187, 271 patients visited the top five county hospitals between January – June 2018, as compared to 129, 512 patients in the same period last year.

The hospitals are Kajiado Referral hospital, Ongata Rongai Health Centre and the Kitengela, Ngong and Loitokitok Sub County hospitals.

Loitokitok Hospital was the choice of majority of residents for inpatient services, admitting 3, 560 compared to 1, 431 patients in 2017. Kajiado referral hospital had a 172 per cent rise in new admissions.

Local communities have started to give birth in hospitals that seem to have been equipped with skilled deliveries rising by 88 per cent after 4, 724 women gave birth in hospitals compared to 2, 513 women last year.

At 1,370, Kitengela hospital received the highest number of expectant mothers compared to 512 last year.

Outpatient services seekers rose from 80, 457 in the first half of 2017 to 125,037 in 2018. This was a 55 per cent increase.

An elated county CECM for health, Esther Somoire told KNU, “We are impressed at the new numbers because it shows the health system in the county is working better than many private health facilities.”

Somoire added: “The report from the Ministry of Health confirmed the improved quality of services and consistent availability of drugs as well as a dedicated work force was beginning to bear fruit.”

Speaking on Friday in Namanga town, Lenku reiterated his commitment to improved health services for residents of Kajiado.

“We have committed 35 per cent of the entire county budget to health matters. The increasing number of patients is a vote of confidence in the Mbuzi Moja, Afya Bora Initiative that seeks to promote Universal Health for all residents.”




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