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Seneta Wins Senators Accolades for Fighting for Her People’s Rights

Two senators have named Kajiado nominated Mary Seneta as a dedicated Maa leader who has interests of her people at heart at all times.

Nominated Kajiado Senator Mary Seneta.

Kericho Senator, Aaron Cheruyiot and his Narok Counterpart, Ladema ole Kina, while commenting on her petition on delayed salaries and non remittance of statutory deductions for employees at Nol-Turesh Water Company in the senate, singled out Seneta as dedicated Maa leader.

Cheruyiot, who was first to arise after Senate Speaker Kenneth Lusaka allowed comments and observations on Seneta’s petition, said despite being a nominated senator, Seneta is outspoken on issues affecting her people.

“Despite being a nominated senator for Kajiado, truth be told that if there is anybody who has spoken many times on the floor of this house about the plight of her people is Seneta,” said Cheruyiot.

Cheruyiot went on; “It is a pointer that if one is nominated, he or she can do more than those elected members of the senate. She does impressive work.”

He said Seneta raised pertinent issues that cut across the country which leaves the senate with an uphill task as a quasi judicial institution to get to the root cause of broken down services in water boards.

[Video] Senate Proceedings After Mary Seneta Filed Her Petition.

The Kericho Senator wondered aloud in the senate as he questioned whether public participation was involved in the establishments of such boards.

Ole Kina said the Kajiado nominated senator has been on the forefront in the senate fighting for livestock farmers, employment of her people in firms in the county and now the workers of Nol-Turesh Water Company.

He said Nol-Turesh pipeline water serves three counties and yet there is massive corruption that has denied workers their wages.

The Narok Senator appealed to the Speaker of the Senate, Lusaka, to form a committee that will look into the past affairs of the Kajiado water company and even recommend the prosecution of a former boss who embezzled more than Sh60 million in the firm.

“We need a powerful committee to follow up this matter to the roots of the current problem,” said the outspoken senator.

Kina said he has a lot of respect for governor Joseph Lenku’s appointment of former KQ managing director Titus Naikuni to chair Kajiado Water Board.

“Naikuni is a prominent Kenyan Maasai who will deliver on his new mandate and that the committee that will be appointed to look into the water issues in Kajiado should work with him,” said Kina.

Meanwhile, Nominated Senator Mary Seneta has appealed to women politicians in the county to fight for seats because no such positions can easily be dished out to them.

Seneta told county press the constitution has set aside positions for women in leadership and therefore it is their right to strife and achieve what is constitutionally theirs.

Seneta, at the same time, congratulated Kirinyaga governor Ann Waiguru for extending forgiveness to Raila Odinga by withdrawing a case against him.

She said the move to forgive Raila will motivate to participate in politics in 2022 without any fear.

The politician said although leadership comes from God, women should not sit back and expect to receive those positions on a silver platter.





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