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Amazing Story of Eselenkei, Girl Who Was Turned Into a Stone By Curse

Listening to Catholic Catechist Joel Nchasi narrates how River Eselenkei got its name from, very few people or none will want him cut the story short.

Joel Nchasi.

He narrates a story of a village beauty, whose face could even turn the dead in their graves, whose name was Eselenkei.

“She was a very beautiful girl in the village who made every suitor and young morans miss sleep. One day, her father gave her firm instructions to water his herds somewhere on the boundary between his land, Osilale and Matapato but she did not do as instructed,” said Nchasi.

The old man, Nchasi says, lived near the current boundaries of Osilalei, Eselenkei and Matapato and that when he came around to check if his cows had been given water, he was shocked and cursed his daughter for not heeding him.

[Video] Amazing Story of Eselenkei, Girl Who Was Turned Into a Stone By Curse

“The man, according to our oral myth, called his daughter and cursed. He told her – may you stand there and become a stone,” said Nchasi.

After the father allegedly put a cursed on her, Eselenkei immediately turned into a standing rock. The rock is said to have faded over the years and has shaded the head and girl’s breasts.

Although there is scanty detail about the stone that now stands on the boundary between Eselenkei, Osilaei group ranches and Matapato, KNU has initiated a research on this particular Eselenkei myth and bring you what the elders say about.

The stone, up to today, it said is on the banks of the now known Eselenkei seasonal river that is known for its “anger” during floods.

Nchasi says; “We have seen things no one has seen when this river floods. It carries dead human beings, trucks, motorcycles, elephants and even zebras in big numbers.”

Eselenkei Group Ranch meetings and any other issues that concern members are held on this river bed for reasons most members do not know.

But Nchasi, who is commonly referred to as a Catholic pastor, says the river bed provides great shades which can cover thousands of people in one sitting.

The seasonal river also has the finest sand in the entire Kajiado, according to



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