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Kitengela’s New OCS Gives Criminals Ultimatum to Change or Pack Off

Newest top cop in Kitengela, Resnon Gambo, has told robbers to “change” for good if they want to live to see their own future.

New Kitengela OCS Renson Gambo on November 9.

Gambo, who is known in Kajiado’s security circles as no-nonsense officer, is Kitengela’s new OCS who has taken over from Ephantus Mburu.

The new sheriff in town spoke in Killakir village, Oloosidan Location during the graduation ceremony of Assistant Chief, Agnes Sayia on Friday.

“I did not come to Kitengela by chance because my seniors understand my job. Let me take this opportunity to warn all the criminals operating here in Killakir village and stealing livestock to start counting their days,” said a hard-talking officer.

Gambo said his duty is simple in fighting criminals, and that anyone identified to have been stealing livestock and indulging themselves in other criminal activities will face the law as prescribed.

“I strongly believe in God and today I am swearing before Him that criminals operating out there will not be entertained in my jurisdiction,” said Gambo.

Gambo is credited for eliminating criminal gangs in Ngong that had taken over the town.

Criminals who by good lack escaped Gambo’s dragnet while he was OCS there do not want to be reminded about the officer.

The new officer is coming to Kitengela as residents prepare for December holiday. For several years the residents have been forced to hire guards every time they travel up country in December.

A resident of Killakir village, Philip Sayia, says he has hopes in the new Kitengela OCS after his neighbours have lost hundreds of sheep to criminals.

“We have lost livestock to criminals even after reporting the same to security agencies. The way I see this young and energetic officer as our savior,” said elder Sayia.

Meanwhile, residents of Kajiado town have welcomed the posting of a new OCS William Oyugi alias Bishop after they complained against former OCS Justus Njeru.

Njeru had been accused by residents of allegedly aiding crime in the town. Kajiado County Commissioner, David Kipkemei recommended Njeru’s removal.



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